About Preventive Vet

We are an extension of your team
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We are a small and mighty team, and for nearly 10 years, we have been dedicated to helping pets and supporting veterinarians by developing medically and behaviorally accurate pet owner educational material. 

To help you focus on providing exceptional care to your patients, Preventive Vet offers a wealth of educational resources to share with your clients — much of which is at no cost or affordably priced to veterinary practices.

All of our content is developed by preventive health and critical care veterinarians, board-certified surgeons, oncologists, certified behavior consultants, certified trainers, and other pet care professionals. 

We have a core team and an extended network of subject-matter experts who create, review, and oversee our content development.

Meet the Preventive Vet Team

We Understand Veterinary Professionals

Our veterinary team members work in, currently own, or have owned their practice. We understand the challenges you face and the time constraints you're under. We want the veterinarian at the center of every pet’s eco-system of care – not just during the yearly or twice-yearly exam.

You are their trusted advisor. Think of Preventive Vet as your trusted sidekick. We produce quality educational material with the veterinary profession, pet owner, and pet in mind.

“We live in a digital world where pet owners are highly influenced by what they read on the internet.

I am pleased to be a part of an organization that truly values the client/veterinary relationship. They seek to be ambassadors for the veterinary profession, which is something we greatly need. As we all know, there are sites that seek to undermine the necessary relationship between pet owners and veterinarians. This puts our patients at risk of harm and even death. It also adds to our already stressful job since we feel forced to justify or defend every protocol, decision, and recommendation we make.

The Preventive Vet team seeks to educate clients in a manner that empowers them with accurate information. By referencing to their site, veterinarians can feel confident, as well as save in-office time, helping their clients acquire essential knowledge about their pets. It is also a relief to know that the information provided also supports and promotes all aspects of veterinary care.

A significant advantage for veterinarians is the way they present information. It teaches clients how they can attempt to treat and care for their pet at home but also makes it very clear when and why it is time to seek professional help. They help owners in advance understand why and what veterinarians must do in order to provide optimal care and treatment. This helps dispel some client’s thoughts that veterinarians are only performing tests and procedures when pets are sick in order to make money.

I truly feel, especially as a former practice owner, that involvement with this organization is a valuable practice asset."

– Dr. Beth Turner

Our entire team relies on clinical and real-world experience, as well as pet owner and client input and feedback. We leverage years of veterinary expertise, training, and experiences to provide accurate and insightful guidance.

Our canine and feline behavior consultants are professionally certified and committed to using the most up-to-date, scientifically-based, humane, and force-free training methods. Because the pet training industry is unregulated, we know how important it is to educate pet owners about the best ways to build a trusting and cooperative relationship with their dog or cat.

“Every day I work with clients who are frustrated with their dog’s training or behavior. With often simple and straightforward changes, I get to see firsthand progress and a more positive relationship grow between someone and their dog.

I feel blessed to be a part of a dog owner’s support team, and having a veterinarian working as part of the process not only helps us achieve training goals more quickly but helps provide more complete and holistic treatment. Physical health plays a huge role in mental health and behavior. By working together, trainers, behavior consultants, and veterinary teams can help every dog live better and safer lives.

Behavioral issues are one of the leading reasons for relinquishing a pet, which makes it so important for pet owners everywhere to be able to access effective and humane training techniques. Many issues are preventable, which is why I prioritize preventive and proactive training. It’s never too early — or too late — to start training a dog! It all comes down to easily-accessible correct education and support.”

— Cathy Madson, MA, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FFCP (Trainer)

We Understand Pet Owners

We have a unique perspective because we run a public-facing website that millions of pet owners visit yearly. Through our analytics, ongoing research, the questions our visitors ask, and the insights we gather from what they find important, we are able to produce content that is meaningful and relevant to them. 

We know that it is hard to prevent illness and tragedy if you don't know what's potentially around the corner. Pet owners – those without medical degrees – don't know what they don't know. We're here to assist them when they turn to Dr. Google. This resource is valuable if used correctly. However, we know there is a lot out there that is harmful. We are supportive of the veterinary profession, not attempting to get in between the doctor/client relationship but rather complementing and encouraging it.

We also understand pet owners because we, too, have furry family members. We share our lives with pets and have gone through the ups and downs of caring for them. We've all experienced the joy, the roller-coaster of frustration and emotion, as well as the financial impact that is part of sharing a life with a dog or cat.

All of our education is produced with the pet owner's circumstances, mindset, and their pet's well-being in mind. We write our content at a grade 8–10 level, and some of it is available in Spanish as well. We are advisors to AlignCare® and ASPCA® Access to Veterinary Care Network and believe strongly in access to veterinary care for all. We also strongly believe that education is part of healthcare and should be available and accessible to everyone. Where we can, we provide education without the barrier of cost to the pet owner.  

Our Focus

Preventive Vet's mission is one hundred percent focused on educating pet owners about health, safety, and behavior and doing so in a responsible way that helps prevent suffering. All the while supporting, not replacing the relationship they have (or should have) with their veterinarian, but rather encouraging it.

Exam Rooms Are Classrooms
"As a veterinarian, I love to teach. I love to explain to my patients’ families what is occurring in a straightforward manner. I love watching as their face changes when they begin to understand. I feel it helps bond them to their pet, to me, and to the process.

I love to answer questions, too, but spending enough time can be a challenge in providing all the detail necessary. This is often why pet owners rely on Dr. Google and Facebook chat rooms. They either come equipped with what they've found online or seek advice after the appointment.

There is no way to prevent a client from going online. We should simply encourage the engagement in their pet’s care and help guide them in the right direction by curating and providing pet owners with reliable internet resources that are relevant to them."

— Dr. Stephanie Austin

We are independently owned, and because we're not part of a digital media organization or pet products company, we provide an objective point of view. All the guidance we provide is unbiased and not influenced by outside influencers or sponsors.

  • We do not display advertising. Therefore, we do not produce content as "clickbait," attempting to increase our readership so that we can make revenue from ads on our website.

  • We do not take paid sponsored posts, links, or product promotions. We occasionally receive a free product to evaluate but only recommend it if we find it safe, effective, and valuable to pet owners. We will also state that we received it at no cost to evaluate. Transparency is important to us.

  • We sometimes have corporate sponsors that buy our 101 Tips books to make them available for free to pet owners. 

  • We make our revenue from selling our 101 Tips books to veterinary practices, dog trainers, and direct to pet owners. We consult on preventive education and write content for some of the industry's largest healthcare companies. We are also compensated for product recommendations on our site if someone chooses to purchase a product that we've researched and recommended. This is at no cost to the consumer but rather to the manufacturer and/or retailer. This, plus our creative side hustle, the FurLife accessories store, funds the free education that we produce.

We’ve built an education and support network specifically geared towards preventive care, safety, and behavior, tailored to be accessible for all pet owners. As a result, Preventive Vet is one of the leading online resources for veterinarian-endorsed preventive health and behavior information for dogs and cats.