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If you don't know Preventive Vet, meet our core team of veterinary and behavior experts who write and develop our educational resources.

We offer veterinary practices and shelters free and low-cost solutions that are medically and behaviorally accurate, yet easy to understand for pet owners. We also produce some resources in Spanish.


And that's where Preventive Vet helps

Education is key to creating a collaborative care partnership with your clients and helping them prevent avoidable emergencies.

Whether it’s our vet-authored, family-friendly 101 Essential Tips books, Pet InfoRx®, Vetted Search, our virtual dog training academy, or the hundreds of expert-authored educational resources on our website, we will help give you back the time you need for hands-on patient care by providing an authoritative single source of shareable client education materials.

Let Preventive Vet help you help pets. Pet owner education is our sole focus.

Pet owners in five focus groups conveyed appreciation for receiving informational handouts from their veterinarian for them to review on their own time because it allowed them to reflect on what was discussed during their appointment.
– Janke 2021
Pet owners’ and veterinarians’ perceptions of information exchange and clinical decision-making in companion animal practice

While veterinarians are affectionately described as compassionate perfectionists, you are also:

  • Counselors,
  • Financial advisors,
  • Team leaders,
  • Brand ambassadors, and
  • Educators

We understand what you go through, as the veterinarians on our team have been there! We know that there is only so much you can create, maintain, and worry about when it comes to educating your clients. 

Educating pet owners is an essential aspect of quality pet care. Anne Tomsic, CEO of Preventive Vet, joins the Veterinary Innovation Podcast with Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov and Shawn Wilkie. She discusses how educational materials can save time for veterinary teams while at the same time delighting clients. 

Helping You Help Pets

We make providing education to your clients easy with our various educational tools and resources. Many are free, and others are low-cost solutions for veterinary practices and pet health professionals.

Cat book review - 5 stars

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

award winning books

101 Essential Tips Book Series

Our award-winning 101 Essential Tips books, are authored by a veterinarian and a team of experts who understand that you don't have time to cover all the important preventive and training topics in the exam room, especially with a new pet owner.

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Available in bulk at 50% off MSRP for veterinary practices, these high-quality, family-friendly paperback books are ideal for client welcome packs, wellness plan perks, or for resale. Learn about our 101 Tips book series.

NEWS!! Two more titles (senior dog and senior cat) will be released in 2023.


101 Essential Tips Digital Books 

Our 101 Tips books are available in digital form as well. Ideal for Millennials or those who would prefer to search their book and click on all the extra resources that come with it.

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Your book subscription includes your hospital's name and contact info in the book — so your clients, when reading, have quick and easy access to you if they need it.
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Demodex Petinforx Spanish
Demodex Petinforx EN

Pet InfoRx®

Our go-home instructions are created by veterinarians for veterinarians. It has been researched and proven that pet health and client satisfaction are positively impacted when post-procedure/visit information is provided.

These free information prescriptions are "supercharged" discharge notes. They address what pet owners truly value and need once they get home.

Available in Spanish. And available with your practice logo and contact information branded on them (online & PDF).

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vetted search

Vetted Search

This free resource helps you search for resources that will address client questions. Search from hundreds of articles and resources, including demonstrative YouTube videos that we've vetted for medical and behavior accuracy. It's also a great tool for finding social media content that you can feel confident sharing.

free resource

Pupstanding Virtual Dog Training & Coaching Header 1200
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Pupstanding Academy

Veterinary teams are often the first people a dog owner turns to with dog training or behavior questions.

We know that it can be challenging to answer questions due to time constraints or simply not being comfortable providing some types of behavior advice, like resource guarding or separation anxiety. Our virtual dog training services, provided through Preventive Vet's Pupstanding Academy can help! And our services complement what local, in-person service providers offer.

We provide pet owner discounts (25% off) that you can offer to your clients, and you can earn commission for any coaching or workshop your clients buy. 

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puppy socialization app pupstanding

Pupstanding Mobile App

Socialization is so important for puppies. Preventive Vet's free Pupstanding® smartphone app helps a puppy learn that new people, sounds, textures, and being handled are all things to feel comfortable about! This app has an interactive checklist of 100 things to positively expose a puppy to.

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See a sneak peak of our Pupstanding® Socialization App

veterinary client education

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