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When Your Clients Know Better, They Do Better

We created these digital books to make it even easier for veterinarians to provide client education — preventive education that supports what you're saying in the exam room.

Unlimited-Use Subscription

With a one-year subscription, you can gift education to ALL your clients. Your subscription allows for unlimited use. 

Customized with Your Practice Info

Your practice name, URL, and phone number are added to the books, so your clients are reminded of where they received this gift. 

101 Tips Vet Hospital customization

Post-purchase, you will be sent a form to fill out. You'll create a unique gift code for your hospital, e.g., HillsideAH. Clients redeem their free book(s) using the gift code you provide them. 

If you're not familiar with our 101 Essential Tips books, you can read more about them by clicking each title below. Veterinary practices use the paperback books in puppy and kitten packs as wellness plan perks, and for resale. The digital versions are identical to the paperback versions but have additional online resources, like video how-tos, etc.

Dog Better: 101 Essential Tips, Dog Health & Safety 

Cat Better: 101 Essential Tips, Cat Health & Safety

Train Better: 101 Essential Tips, Dog Behavior & Training


Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

We offer two plans, one for feline-only hospitals and the other for mixed-animal practices. One subscription per practice location. If you have multiple locations, please contact us for multi-practice pricing. Additional titles (Senior Dog and Senior Cat) are coming in 2024 and are included at no additional cost.

Pet InfoRx®

BONUS!  Your subscription also includes branded Pet InfoRx®. Check out these information prescriptions in English & Spanish.

In-Hospital Distribution

When you sign-up for your subscription, we will send you two double-sided (both sides displayed below) with your practice's logo and a QR leading to a page where your clients can redeem all the books (currently 3 titles, soon to be 5) for free.

They then get to enter our 101 Tips Contest, where they have a chance to win $250 to spend at your practice. Preventive Vet funds this contest, and the money is sent to your practice, not the pet owner.

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digital client education package pricing

Current Customers:
If you have purchased the paperback versions of our 101 Tips books in the last 12 months (min. of 50 books for feline-only practices and 100 for mixed) and would like to offer your clients the option of a digital book, please contact us, and we'll provide you with a coupon code for a significant discount.

Not-For-Profit Organizations: We also offer a discount for not-for-profit organizations (contact us). 

Fill out the form below to take a look inside each book

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dog and cat health and safety tips books

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Buy Digital Subscription Now

Your Subscription Includes:

Your hospital name (which links to your website) and your phone number (clickable so it will dial automatically) will appear in the top banner of the web-books.

101 Tips Vet Hospital customization

You Will Also Receive:

  • Sample copy for use on invoices or discharge notes.
  • A unique URL that you can link to, which will open the redeem page (image inset below). It will auto-populate your hospital's gift code, making it easy for your clients to redeem.
  • Sample graphics and images of the web-books for promotion within your hospital

How to Use the 101 Essential Tips Web-Books in Your Practice

Post-purchase you will receive an email so that you can complete your customized subscription.

Step 1: You create a custom gift code, e.g., HillsideAH (minimum 7 characters)

Step 2: You distribute the code to your clients, as per the terms of use below

Step 3: Your clients redeem the gift code and have free access to 101 Essential Tips

Your clients can read their books on their phones, tablets, and computers. They can also read the books offline. However, some extra features, like video how-tos, may not be available without an internet connection.

Terms of Use

The web-book code you purchase for client distribution MAY be used in: client emails, client texts, on invoices, discharge notes, on posters in your practice, in handouts, within your hospital's app, and other direct forms of client communication.

Your gift code MAY NOT be used in general public settings such as: your hospital's website, social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.), mass communication (e.g., promotions and advertising), or other events with non-clients (e.g., tradeshows, seminars).

Full terms and conditions

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If you already buy the paperback books, contact us for a significant discount on your digital subscription. 


Perfect for All Clients

iPad_13 web bookWritten by a veterinarian and created by pet lovers, these books are good for novice or experienced pet owners. Just one tip can (and has) save a pet's life. The books reinforce the importance of preventive veterinary care and behavior well-being for cats and dogs. With this unlimited-use subscription, you can give the book(s) to all your clients, not just as a perk for new ones.

Millennials have now surpassed Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in pet ownership. Millennials treat their pets as children and love digital content and communications. This format of education is perfect for this group of pet owners, among others.

The books are family-friendly, using humor and fun illustrations. Children love them too!

Pet Owners Appreciate the 101 Tips Books

"Returned home late last night from a 10-day vacation. A responsible sitter was here each night and much of each day to care for our 3-yr old male cat. When I returned I thought his meowing was expressing his displeasure at our absence (typical) but quickly recognized he was spending way too much time in the litter box crying and producing clumps that were, at best, the size off a garbanzo bean. In spite of having decades of experience with beloved pet cats (all female) and dogs, it was only from having recently purchased 101 Tips that I knew his symptoms were life-threatening. We took him to veterinary ER where it was confirmed he was nearly fully obstructed and taking him late last night most likely saved him. I cannot adequately express my gratitude. I've given the book once as a gift, it's now going to be sent to every cat owner I know! Thank you a zillion times over.”

"We actually got the [behavior and training] book before the dog for my son. It was a great introduction. My son was not eager to learn but I insisted he knew something before we would talk about getting a dog. This book was informative and entertaining enough to keep a 9 year old interested. We also have the Health and Safety book which I recommend having both! Great resources for all of us in the family."