Digital Client Education Subscription 

How Clients Benefit

  • Supports their desire to take the best possible care of their pet

  • Family-friendly preventive care, awareness, and guidance

  • They will learn about things they never thought of

  • Resources in digital, searchable form vs paper

  • InfoRx eliminates the need to Google for more help

How Your Practice Benefits

  • Huge time saver in dispensing education

  • Education that leaves your hospital and supports your recommendations

  • Creates loyalty by providing a high-value resource

  • Strengthens your role as your clients' petcare advisor

  • InfoRx elminates your client needing to go to Google

Hospital-branded subscription includes:

Priced based on the size of your practice ($350–$1,225).
Not-for-profit and existing veterinary client discounts are available 
upon request

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Canine & Feline Practices
Feline-only Practices

Canine and Feline subscription

101 Essential Tips Digital Books 

Ideal for "digital-first" clients or those who would prefer to search their book and review the extra resources that come with it, like how-to training videos and more.

If you've purchased more than one hundred 101 Essential Tips paperback books in one calendar year, please email us, and we'll send you a code for a substantial discount. You can then offer your clients the choice of physical or digital books. 

Want to see the digital books? Get your free copy.

all three web vet digital books

Pet InfoRx®  Supercharged Discharge Notes

  • Created by veterinarians for veterinarians

  • Pet health and client satisfaction are positively impacted when post-procedure/visit information is provided

Our information prescriptions address what pet owners truly value and need once they get home.

Branded with your practice logo and contact information (online & PDF). Also available in Spanish!

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Demodex Petinforx EN
Demodex Petinforx Spanish

So how does this work and what do we get with our subscription?

In-Hospital Distribution

When you sign-up for your subscription, we will send you two double-sided (both sides displayed below) with your practice's logo and a QR leading to a page where your clients can redeem all the books (currently 3 titles, soon to be 5) for free.

They then get to enter our 101 Tips Contest, where they have a chance to win $250 to spend at your practice. Preventive Vet funds this contest and the money is sent to your practice, not the pet owner.

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Digital Dashboard

To help make it easy for you to distribute your digital books and your Pet InfoRx notes we provide your own custom dashboard that contains everything you need in one place. 

inforx demo
PV Demo Dashboard with QR Code and Posters 2

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