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This is all we focus on: education, advice, and support for you and your pet. Along with our extensive library of articles, we offer virtual dog training classes and recommended product solutions for your pet’s health and behavior needs.

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black and white cat entering a litter box but not peeing

Cat Can't Pee? It's An Emergency.

Find out if your cat has a urethral obstruction. This is a severe and critical medical emergency. Death can occur without prompt and appropriate treatment.

chocolate lab mix wearing a diaper because of incontinence

Incontinence: Is Your Dog Leaking?

Incontinence can happen to any dog but 5%–20% of spayed dogs deal with urine leakage. The good news is that there are treatments and ways to help your dog.

what to do if your dog gets stung by a bee

What To Do if Your Dog Is Stung

Did your dog get stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet? Read about at-home treatments, when a trip to the veterinarian is needed, and bee sting prevention tips.

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Puppy Tips, Training Advice, Safety and Awareness in Your Inbox

We know that raising a puppy can be overwhelming. The Pup Pup and Away newsletter follows the growth of your puppy week by week and provides just enough information to be helpful without bogging you down with too much, too soon.

Jack Russell puppy biting a persons hand

Puppy or Baby Shark?

Puppy nipping is normal but training is needed to prevent it from becoming a habit. Here are top trainer tips for how to get your puppy to stop nipping.

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potty training a puppy

Puppy Potty Training

Follow these easy steps to house train your puppy. Plus, learn what to do if your puppy has a potty accident and how to prevent them in the future!

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dog snarling resource guarding

How to Stop Your Dog's Resource Guarding

Does your dog guard toys or chews? Growl when you approach while they're eating or show other food aggression? Learn what to do and what NOT to do to stop your dog's resource guarding.

Tools and Calculators

free puppy socialization app - pupstanding

Socialize Your Puppy with the Pupstanding App

Socialization is the most important thing you can do with your new puppy. Use Preventive Vet's free Pupstanding smartphone app to help your puppy learn that new people, sounds, textures, and being handled are all things not to worry about!

senior dog getting a treat

Treat Your Dog While Keeping Them Healthy

Treats are an essential part of dog training, but you also need to be mindful to balance your dog’s treats with their daily caloric overall food intake. Use our handy dog treat calculator to find a happy (and healthy) medium.

Important Pet Safety Awareness

Spread the word and help us save lives by sharing this with everyone you know who shares their life with pets.
chip bag suffocation danger for dogs and cats

Pet Suffocation Awareness

Pet suffocation in snack, cereal, and other bags, happens often. And it happens quickly, too. It can happen in less than 5 minutes to both dogs and cats.

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black cat sitting outside beside a toxic lily

Lilies are Toxic to Cats

Lilies, including the Stargazer lily, Tiger lily, Easter lily, and Japanese show lily, are one of the most dangerous flowers for cats. Find out why.

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Pupstanding Academy – Virtual Dog Training & Coaching

Preventive Vet’s virtual dog training academy, led by certified trainer and behavior consultant, Cathy Madson, offers the perfect solution for your dog training and behavior needs. Start anytime, from anywhere!

At Pupstanding®️ Academy, you’ll learn how to better understand and train your puppy or adult dog using positive reinforcement and force-free techniques. Cathy's specialties include dog aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and puppy socialization.

Check out our Dog Training Essentials Workshops, which include potty training, crate training, puppy nipping, barking, jumping, and more. Or get in-depth help with our One-on-One Virtual Coaching sessions. In-person dog training and behavior consultations are also available in select areas of Seattle, WA.

Get Dog Training Help From An Expert

Song Parodies for Pet Lovers

We like to have fun around here, too. Whether singing about our love for toe beans, lamenting being woken up by cats for 4 a.m. feedings, or doing the "Poop Scoopin' Boogie", we hope these songs put a smile on your face.


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