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What's In Your Puppy and Kitten Packs?


The education and awareness you provide your clients on their first puppy/kitten visit doesn't just start them and their new pet off on the right paw for a great and healthy relationship... it does the same for you and your client, as well! Yet there's far too much to cover in the exam room, and your clients don't have the mental "bandwidth" to absorb it all verbally anyway (they just got a new puppy or kitten, after all!). Brochures and photocopied handouts just don't cut it for today's pet owner... and now they don't have to!

Our 101 Essential Tips client education book series helps your team easily provide reliable, bond-building awareness to your clients. And our veterinary practice discounts help you do it affordably, too! Want to see and learn more?

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Here are a few samples tips.

If you'd like to purchase them to gift to your new clients, you'll receive 50% off and free shipping.