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Health, safety, and happiness. It’s what every dog and cat deserves. And it’s why we’re here. This is your place for unbiased information focused on your pet’s health and well-being at every stage of their journey.

Our team of preventive health and critical care veterinarians, certified trainers, behavior consultants, and extremely passionate pet lovers are doing all the leg work to provide you with clear, concise pet care information you can trust.

What we do

Pet health, safety, and behavior education is all we focus on to support you and your pet. We want to help you keep your pets free from the pain and discomfort of preventable accidents, poisonings, and illnesses.

Along with our extensive library of articles, we offer virtual dog training classes and recommended product solutions for your pet’s health and behavior needs.

What makes our website different from others

We're different. Why and how, you ask? Preventive Vet was started because we felt there needed to be a change in the approach to online petcare advice and education, including how it's disseminated within the veterinary and animal behavior professions.

We’re not part of a digital media organization or pet products company. We provide an objective point of view, not one that skews towards a specific brand of product or a product that we manufacture.

All the information and recommendations are thoroughly researched, medically and behaviorally accurate, and never influenced by advertising or sponsorships.

Meet a few core members of our team

Dr. Beth Turner About the AuthorDr. Beth Turner

Beth Turner is a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience. She graduated from North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine and following graduation, she began her career as an associate veterinarian and worked closely with the local shelter.

In 2007 she accomplished her dream of practice ownership, designing and building her own clinic. Another meaningful role, while running her clinic, was serving as her county's shelter veterinarian. This gave her the opportunity to help improve the lives of many animals in her community as well as work with the rescue she loved.

Working with Preventive Vet has helped fulfill her desire to help and educate pet owners and improve animals’ quality of life and care.

Dr. Jennifer S. Fryer and her dog CleoDr. Jennifer Fryer

Dr. Fryer graduated with Honors from Brown University with an AB in Development Studies, an interdisciplinary study of the developing world. She graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.

Dr. Fryer completed a rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and a Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency at Texas A&M University. Dr. Fryer is Fear Free certified. She also has certifications as a Nutrition Coach and a Therapeutic Nutrition Coach (for sick pets).

In addition to her long experience in clinical small animal internal medicine practice, Dr. Fryer has extensive experience in telehealth, having founded and managed her own teleconsulting practice, Veterinary Answers, from 2007-2016. Veterinary Answers advised general practice and emergency veterinarians on their toughest cases. She is currently studying medical writing while performing internal medicine consultations. 

Dr. Fryer has an industrial designer husband and a son in college, who both love computers, bicycles, and hiking. The Fryer pets include the fabulous Cleo (pictured), and Luke Skywalker, the best cat ever. When not obsessing over veterinary medicine, Dr. Fryer enjoys reading, gardening, baking, and hiking.

Meet Dr Stephanie Austin smallDr. Stephanie Austin

Dr. Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science (Maj. Vet tech) from the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2006. After graduation, she moved to the other side of her beautiful, sunny country, to the most isolated city in the world (Perth, Australia), to begin her veterinary degree at Murdoch University. 5 years later, she received a dual degree in Veterinary Biology and Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

After all this schooling, Dr. Stephanie packed her things, her beloved Labrador & fluffy cat, and made the big move to the USA. She lives and practices at a clinic in the “big apple.”


Dr. Susan Krebsbach author bio smallDr. Susan Krebsbach

Dr. Susan Krebsbach, affectionately known as Dr. Susan, has always had a passion for animals. After graduating veterinary school at The Ohio State University, she worked as a small animal general practitioner for several years before opening a veterinary animal behavior consulting service, Creature Counseling, where she works with clients and organizations on addressing animal behavior problems and how to prevent them.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Susan is the proud founder of Madison Cat Project; served as the assistant director of the Program for Pet Health Equity at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; was honored to be the executive director of the Access to Veterinary Care Coalition; and spent eight-plus years as a veterinary advisor for the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

Cathy Madson Dog Trainer and SookieCathy Madson, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FFCP

Cathy Madson became a dog trainer in 2008, but she likes to think that her career began when she was six years old and a stray wandered into her yard and became her first dog companion.

As the lead dog trainer and canine behavior consultant for Pupstanding Academy, Cathy strives to help humans and their pets build a strong relationship based on trust and clear communication through force-free dog training methods.

She offers support for dog owners through virtual workshops, one-on-one virtual coaching, and in-person dog training and behavior consultations in the Seattle, Washington area.

LeeAnna Buis Author Bio smallLeeAnna Buis, CFTBS

LeeAnna Buis has adored cats her entire life and thought she knew them inside-out and sideways. But it wasn’t until she worked with a feline behavior consultant that she fully understood how incredible, complicated, and inspiring cats really are.

Literally, that day, she made a career change knowing she wanted to give other cat parents the same experience of truly “seeing” and appreciating their cats. Now, she works virtually with cat parents all over the world through Feline Behavior Solutions and Preventive Vet.

LeeAnna earned her certification through Animal Behavior Institute, earning the CFTBS designation.

Anne Tomsic and DaisyAnne Tomsic, Founder, CEO

She has been a content and brand strategist most of her career but nothing has been more gratifying than building Preventive Vet. We’re helping pet owners by providing them with a high-quality, trusted resource for pet health and safety information.

There is so much pet-specific content online that isn't well-researched, or it's written by someone who's paid to pitch a product or boost the advertising on its site, and sometimes that information is just plain wrong or lacking in substance.

This 'misinformation' or lack of information could mean life or death for an animal or at the very least the difference between a quick visit to a veterinarian or prolonged suffering for a cat or dog. We think that needs to stop.

Our content is medically accurate, thoroughly vetted, and unbiased. We think you deserve that. Transparency and integrity are important to us.

Prior to starting Preventive Vet, Anne was VP of Brand and Communication at Trupanion, and prior to that, she owned her own corporate marketing agency, Strategic Storytellers.

jeff poisson and daisyJeff Poisson, Founder, Strategic Partnerships

For Preventive Vet to execute its mission of helping people keep their pets safe and healthy we need partners to buy and broadly circulate our educational materials. Jeff’s focus is to identify, create, and nurture the relationships with these partners.

In addition to Preventive Vet’s 101 Essential Tips book series, we provide health and behavior content creation services for other respected pet health providers. Working with our partners, he aligns our unique capabilities with their requirements.

Prior to Preventive Vet, Jeff spent over 20 years in the technology industry. His experience spans large pharmaceutical, regulatory compliance, and labeling.

mia and marshall author bio smallMia Horberg

Mia Horberg is a Digital Strategist at Preventive Vet, and the editor of our Paws & Play newsletter. When she's not working she is watching Jeopardy! with her wife, planting flowers and veggies, and hanging out with her senior rescue pug Mabel Petrillo, and exotic shorthair kitty, Mazel von Schmear Visage.

A lover of all animals, Mia is also lucky enough to volunteer at a conservation-based zoo where she gets to hang out with swamp wallabies, porcupines, lemurs, macaws, and more every week.

It's been a lifelong dream of hers to become the female version of Weird Al Yankovic and Preventive Vet has generously allowed her to work towards that goal by producing parody videos like this one.

Chuck Taylor web developerChuck Taylor

Every successful team in this century requires a rock star technical lead and Chuck is ours. Whether it’s developing our Pupstanding App, implementing an interactive calculator, or another valuable resource on our website, Chuck’s technical prowess leads the way.

In a past career, he founded SkyMotion Video and was the chief pilot, piloting drones for film and television production.


We're not just humans around here — meet the animals that inspire and drive everything we do.

The PV Pet Team

Preventive Vet does not replace your veterinarian

No online site can replace your veterinarian. We exist to help you and your veterinarian ensure your pet's best health, safety, and wellbeing. We're here to ensure that the pet-related information you find on the Internet is easy-to-understand, as thorough as possible, unbiased, and above all medically and behaviorally accurate.

You are a vital part of our community, and we welcome ideas for topics that you'd like our team to research and provide on our site.

Sniff around and check us out! We're glad you found us, and we hope you'll visit as often as you need.

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