The Dog and Cat Team at Preventive Vet

Meet the cute faces who really run the show around here.

At Preventive Vet, we're more than just a team of humans, we're also a group of amazing dogs and cats who bring joy and laughter into our families' homes and inspire the work we do every day.

Meet the four–legged family and friends who play a huge role in our lives, both behind the scenes and in the forefront of our mission. Our pets are our constant reminders of why we do what we do.

Our website doesn't just feature the faces of our beloved dogs and cats, but we also share a slice of their lives with you — highlighting the good, the bad, the ugly, but mostly the love and lessons learned from our four-legged companions. Each member of our fur family has a unique story, personality, and set of needs, reflecting the diversity of challenges and joys of pet ownership.

They're not just at the heart of what we do — they're at the heart of why we do it.

Clover with the fetch stickClover the Portuguese Water Dog

Finnegan napping Finnegan the Portuguese Water Dog

Mazel letting it all hang out Mazel the Exotic Shorthair

Sookie in Foliage Sookie the Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Fozzie Bear in Foliage Fozzie Bear the Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Maevis the English Bulldog Maevis the English Bulldog

Gilbert Gilly the Poodle Shih Tzu mix (we think)

ChickenEdna the chicken

Chickens Fred the rooster, Eleanor the Guinea and Charlotte (Not pictured: Ethel)

Ollie-LeeAnnas-catOllie the domestic shorthair

Luke and CleoLuke the mixed breed shorthair and Cleo (breeds unknown)

Saru Kitten Saru the mixed breed shorthair kitten

Eva the Great Dane Dr Sprinkles dog Eva the Great Dane

In Memoriam

Still Guiding Us From the Rainbow Bridge

Cutie Daisy in Goggles Daisy the Toy Poodle

Handsome Marshall in a shower cap Marshall the French Bulldog

Sunbathing Mabel Mabel Petrillo the Pug

Chloe -LeeAnnas-cat Chloe the mixed breed shorthair

Maxwell-LeeAnnas-cat Maxwell the mixed breed shorthair

Betti-LeeAnnas-cat Betti the mixed breed shorthair

Sam the Lab mix Dr Leslie Gillettes dog Sam the Lab mix