LeeAnna Buis Cat Behavior Expert


LeeAnna Buis CFTBS, FFCP

LeeAnna Buis has adored cats her entire life and thought she knew them inside-out and sideways. But it wasn’t until she worked with a feline behavior consultant that she fully understood how incredible, complicated, and inspiring cats really are.

Literally, that day, she made a career change knowing she wanted to give other cat parents the same experience of truly “seeing” and appreciating their cats. Now, she works virtually with cat parents all over the world through Feline Behavior Solutions and Preventive Vet.

LeeAnna earned her certification through Animal Behavior Institute, earning the CFTBS designation. She is a certified Fear Free® trainer, a training professional member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), and a member of both the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and Cat Writer’s Association (CWA).

She has two cats of her own — Ollie, the reason for that first fated behavior consultation, and Chloe. She also fosters cats going through medical recovery with Emerald City Pet Rescue.

LeeAnna strives to dispel misconceptions about cats and why they do what they do. She teaches you to look at things from the cat’s perspective. “If you’re aware of a cat’s natural needs and instincts, and you view situations through that lens, instantly you’ll better understand why those unwanted behaviors exist — why they’re reacting the way they are. And you’ll be much better armed to address the behaviors with kindness and understanding — in a way that meets your cat’s needs as well as your own.”

LeeAnna has been quoted in numerous articles from publications including Newsweek, Daily Paws, The Dodo, and Consumer.org.