Pet Suffocation Awareness

Pet suffocation awareness

Pet suffocation in snack, cereal, and other bags and containers happens often

While some fortunate pets are saved by timely and appropriate CPR, their numbers pale in comparison to those who don't survive sticking their head into a bag. It happens quickly and to both cats and dogs.

Many people have returned home or walked into another room to find a bag covering their beloved pet's head. It happens to dogs more often but does happen to cats as well. 

National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week is the week after Thanksgiving – Starts November 26, 2023

Please explore and share the important resources on this page. Together we can prevent pet suffocation and save lives!

And please take our survey! The information gathered in this survey will be used in the ongoing campaign to effect change and prevent these devastating pet suffocation tragedies.

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The survey takes 2 mins and is anonymous.
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Prevent Pet Suffocation — What to Do

1. Empty snack, cereal, and dry pet foods into resealable hard containers

store snacks and kibble in containers to prevent pet suffocationTall, thin, resealable food storage containers will help to protect your pet and keep your food fresher, too!

2. Dispense snacks in bowls

While eating on the couch, in the backyard, or anywhere your pet could have access when you're not paying attention, put your snack in a bowl instead of keeping it in its original container or bag.

prevent pet suffocation put away chip bagYikes! It's happened that people have fallen asleep watching a movie, and their dog has gotten into the bag!

3. Cut or tear all chip and food bags before discarding

cut snack bags to lay flat to prevent pet suffocation
Two cuts are best – one across the bottom of the bag and one up the side so it becomes flat. Dispose of all bags in sturdy trashcans that are covered or behind a closet or cabinet door.


4. Beware of high-risk events and times of the year

keep your dog entertained with a stuffed kongTake extra care around the holidays, big sports events, birthday parties, graduations, summer BBQs, and any other time large groups of people are gathering at your home.

5. Restrict your pet's access to the kitchen

use a baby gate for your petsDon't give your dog(s) unsupervised "run of the house" until you're sure of their safety. Ideally confine them to one room/area of your home or their crate whenever you leave them alone. This article has great tips on crate training dogs.

6. Don't give your pets a "taste for" people snacks

give your dog a treatDon't train with or otherwise intentionally give your pet snacks, chips, or other similar "people treats."

7. Help increase awareness about pet suffocation

share pet suffocation awarenessSpread word about the danger of pet suffocation. Share videos and resources from this site and others. 

For those of you with young children or teenagers at home, be sure to highlight this danger to them so they will also know to exercise caution with these bags around your family pets.

8. Help Bonnie honor Blue's memory

Blue dog pet suffocationThe story that started the call for awareness. R.I.P. Blue. Visit and help spread the word of Bonnie Harlan's Prevent Pet Suffocation website and Facebook page. Please also read, sign, and share her petition to improve chip bag labeling. Bonnie has been doing a great job of spearheading this important cause – and she regularly hears from distraught pet owners who have suffered through this.


  1. At least 2–3 pets are lost each week in the U.S. to chip and other snack bag suffocation – and these are just the ones that get reported!
  2. Many people whose dogs have suffocated in these types of bags were only gone from the house for 20–30 minutes!
  3. It can take as little as 3–5 minutes for a pet to die from suffocation in these types of bags!

VIDEO: See Blue's Story.  A dog can suffocate in minutes and it can happen to the most loving, careful pet owner.

National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week

What Scares Us the Most About Pet Suffocation

Even amid truly heartbreaking stories of people who lost their pets to suffocation, the most alarming finding from our survey is how few people are aware of this common household danger.

73% of people who lost or almost lost a pet to suffocation were unaware of or had never realized the possibility that their pet could suffocate in a chip, snack, cereal, or other food bag until it happened!

That’s 7 out of every 10 cases where a lack of prior awareness contributed to the loss, or near loss, of a pet’s life! That's crushing, but it's also an opportunity! It means we can dramatically lower the danger and save thousands of pets’ lives by raising awareness.

The Biggest Suffocation Hazards to Pets

  • Snack or chip bags (e.g., crackers, popcorn, etc.) (68%)
  • Cereal bags (6%)
  • Pet Food bags (6%)
  • Pet Treat bags (5%)
  • Bread bags, plastic containers, and more (14%)

Where Pets Are Finding These Bags

  • In or near the home trash can or recycling (24%)
  • Grabbed off a coffee table or side table (20%)
  • Grabbed off a counter (15%)
  • Outside, in the yard (5%)
  • On the kitchen/dining table (7%)
  • In or near the recycling bin (3%)
  • Other or don't know (25%)

Check out this free poster download to learn more about the journey of a chip bag.

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How You Can Help Make a Difference

  • Take a moment to read the stories people have shared with us below.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share the graphics, stories, and images about Pet Suffocation Awareness.

  • Take a moment to sign (and share) Prevent Pet Suffocation’s org petition to get awareness and warnings on bags.

  • If you’ve had the misfortune of losing or almost losing a pet to suffocation, or if you know someone who has, we hope you’ll share the story in the comments section below and take a few minutes to complete our brief pet suffocation survey and help us develop the body of knowledge about pet suffocation.

  • If you are a journalist, please consider writing or producing an article or news segment about pet suffocation. We would be happy to put you in touch with people who have agreed to share their stories and pictures. Please contact us if you would like help with a story on this hugely important topic.

How Pet Suffocation Happens

Many people don't realize that a pet, no matter its size or strength, can have a hard time getting bags off its head once they are stuck. Not only do cats and dogs lack thumbs to help them grab and remove the bag, but the bags quickly form a vacuum-like seal around their head as they breathe in and quickly deplete the air within the bag (see the demonstration below). As this happens, the oxygen levels quickly decline, and the carbon dioxide levels quickly rise. The entrapped pet panics from not being able to breathe normally and eventually dies from asphyxiation. These pets are often found in a very horrifying manner that haunts the families for life.

With increased awareness and an even better understanding of how, where, and when these preventable tragedies are happening, we can start to reverse the trend and help bring about a day when no pets — or wildlife — lose their lives to suffocation in chip, snack, bread, cereal, pet food, and other bags. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about and spread awareness of the heartbreaking tragedy of pet suffocation.


Some of the Pets Who've Left Us

A very special thank you to Bonnie Harlan, who first raised the alarm bells of pet suffocation by starting the Prevent Pet Suffocation Facebook page after losing her own dog, Blue (story shared below), to suffocation in a chip bag in December 2011. Thanks as well to the people and families who have completed our survey and had the strength to share their personal experiences with pet suffocation. Your losses will not be in vain, and your efforts are already helping to protect others. 

Be well and be safe, everyone!

"I thought we were all alone." — RIP Sully

pet suffocation - sully

"We left our two sweet fur babies, Izzy and Sully, to go watch a new release movie. Sully was our lively little rescue dog. So much intelligence and energy. He would bring me the mail in his sweet mouth, and turn on my daughter's singing goat toy. Izzy is a 4 year old stray we took in. They behaved well when we were gone for awhile. Our trash can has a lid that you step on a pedal to open. While we were gone, Sully figured it out and got into the trash. He had licked clean a food can and played with a styrofoam cup. They hadn't hurt him.

When we opened our door and only Izzy came we knew something was wrong. There was my sweet baby boy, dead with a chip bag covering his head. He was still warm and his nose was still wet, but his heart had stopped and no amount of effort would bring him back to us. He was going to go to training school and learn more tricks. We had so many plans for him. He was taken from us just last night. The pain is so terrible! I feel so cheated by this! I had no idea that people were losing their precious pets to this needlessly. We will do things so differently now. Our hearts are aching for Sully and all the other bright, curious pets who die like this. I thought we were all alone. Thank you for trying to do something about this. — Tamara W. 

"If it weren't for that seemingly harmless potato chip bag, Loki would still be here." — RIP Loki

Pet suffocation awareness - Loki"During the Chetek tornado of 2017, little Loki was born. After this lucky start to life, Loki went to live in southern Wisconsin where he spent most of his days at Slewfoot Signs. He became the shop dog and brought joy to anyone who stopped by. Everyone ended up loving that happy-go-lucky pup.

When he wasn't at work, Loki did some of his other favorite activities. This included running through the woods, playing in the park, and chasing cats.

On May 6th of 2018, a few days before his first birthday, Loki's natural curiosity got the better of him. While running outside, he found a potato chip bag and put his head in to get the last crumbs. Unfortunately, the bag stuck just right and poor Loki couldn't get it off. If it weren't for that seemingly harmless potato chip bag, Loki would still be here. So now Loki wants to make sure all the other animals in the world do not get hurt. He hopes when you see a piece of trash outside, you think of his story. "Pick up that litter," says Loki. Properly disposing of that one little piece could save a life.

— Jeff H.

"You were the best boy in the whole world." — RIP Petey

Pet suffocation awareness Petey"I kissed my baby boy goodbye on my way out for work. But I had no idea it would be for the last time. Although I still can’t even wrap my head around what happened ... we have an obligation to share what happened to Petey to hopefully prevent it from happening to any of your babies. ... Christian beat me home from work by about 10 min & was surprised when Petey didn’t greet him at the door like usual.

As he walked in further he saw our sweet boy laying lifeless with a stupid chip bag over his head. He was able to get them off the counter that we will forever blame ourselves for leaving out. He ate every chip out but of course went back for crumbs... with there being nothing left inside every time he would go for more he would inhale making the bag tighter & tighter around his head.. ultimately resulting in suffocation.

Petey was SMART so I didn’t understand why he couldn’t get it off with his paws. ... With this happening so often we were so surprised by the lack of awareness on this topic out there. Especially bc I was a very overprotective dog mama. ... So I just ask that in honor of my boy Petey that you be extra careful, warn other dog owners & give your fur babies some extra love today and everyday after this.

I pray none of you ever have to experience your heart breaking this way. We love you papas you were the best boy in the whole world & we will remember our good times forever 🐶😇"

— Christina Y.

"Rocco and Milo are siblings... they always slept together. Tonight Milo sleeps alone." — RIP Rocco

Pet suffocation awareness Rocco

"Obviously, we are super heartbroken. We came home after all our soccer games for the kids. Typically, both dogs come to the backyard gate when we parked in our driveway and we noticed it was just one. We came in the house to drop some bags off and called them from kitchen window, again, only saw one dog.

We went out to the backyard and saw one of them on the floor with a bag tightly wrapped around his head. Immediately took it off but it was too late, he was cold and bloated. It was horrible. Had to put him in a box and drive him to my local after-hours vet to get him cremated. It’s so heartbreaking having played with them just a few hours ago and to then lose him."

— Ernie M.

"I don't think I'll ever buy chips again" — RIP Harley

Pet suffocation awareness Harley

"I left a bag of Lays on my dresser. After years of warning my family about chip bags, I left one on the dresser. Not a huge deal since English Bulldogs are short right?

I had a hand towel on the dresser so that I could put my chilled drink on it without scarring the wood. The next morning my Harley Girl pulled on the hand towel until the bag of Lays fell down. My 18-year-old son said she was alone for approximately 24 minutes. He came upstairs and thought how cute she looked in the chips until he realized she wasn't moving."

— Mike E.

"The pain due to this loss has been greater than I could have imagined" — RIP Clifford

Clifford-story-pet-suffocation.jpg"We were extremely lucky to have Clifford and he was one of the family, even though our luck lasted only two months. He was an amazing and very, very smart dog. I do not understand how he didn't manage to pull the bag off his head with his paws, since he was very good at manipulating objects with them. I guess he totally panicked because... we weren't home. I didn't crate him that day to prevent anxiety.

We'd only gone to church but had a battery problem with the car and therefore stayed away longer than usual. We loved him so much. I hate having found him like this in our kitchen, I can't bare the thought of him struggling there, I wish I would have done things differently and known about the crazy danger a Cheeto (my favorite snack- past tense) bag can pose. He had overthrown the recycling bin.

The pain due to this loss has been greater than I could have imagined, because we had found our perfect dog. I still have a hard time coming home and entering the area of the 'scene' (he was still warm but CPR did not work) and he had been in obvious distress (pooped on the floor-- we found him hanging on a low footstool, the floor was a mess). There's an odor left behind where it all happened, even after a deep cleaning. I have a hard time forgetting. I think of him constantly and we all miss him terribly. He was four months old, but already so wise, obedient, so loving, so fun, always growing, always gorgeous, so cute."

 — Tamara M.

"No one should have to experience this, ever" — RIP Buster

Pet suffocation awareness buster"I took my 3-year-old son to pick up my husband from work. His work is 20 minutes away, we stopped at a convenience store before coming home. We chatted for a minute outside when we got home, before I took my sleeping son into the house to put him to bed. As soon as I opened the door Buster was laying to the right of it, with a Smart Food bag over his face. I instantly knew what had happened and that he was gone.

No one should have to experience this, ever. Busty was such an amazing dog, he had been a part of our family for 7 1/2  years. To lose Busty in this fashion has crushed us, and knowing that his last moments were spent in fear is unbearable."

— Jolene S.

"Truly had no idea this could ever happen" — RIP Bulldozer 

Pet suffocation awareness Dozer"Our puppy bulldog, Bulldozer got into the trash with his older brothers, a yellow lab and another bulldog. Bulldozer got a hold of a Skinny Pop popcorn bag and ran to enjoy whatever was left in the bag. He suffocated to death with the bag stuck on his head.

Absolute horror to come home to . We loved this puppy more than life itself and truly had no idea this could ever happen! Horrifying."

— Jenifer W. 

"I heard a shuffle that lasted so briefly..." — RIP Emma

Pet suffocation awareness Emma"The hardest part of this story I was in my office next to the bedroom both doors open I heard a shuffle that lasted so briefly didn't think anything of it. 15 minutes later I walk into my room there laid Emma motionless with a bag over her head. We care for our animals in great detail food, toys attention,  and love probably like most. 2 yr old lab greatest friend anyone could ask for, life cut short."

— Bob

"My heart goes out to all that have lost a pet this way" — RIP Chico

Pet suffocation awareness Chico

"I left my home to go to a doctor appointment with my 2-year old and 4-year-old. When I arrived home our baby Chico was already dead with his face in a Doritos bag. It was obvious what had happened.

We rescued Chico as a companion for our 1-year-old Norwegian Elkhound Elvis and our family. All were grief stricken. I was lucky enough to drop off my children at my in-laws before finding Chico.

My heart goes out to all that have lost a pet this way, especially any children who saw their pet this way."

— Maureen F.

"I have lost a very big part of myself when I lost her" — RIP Jetta

Pet suffocation awareness Jetta"My Jetta passed away yesterday. The nightmare of the events continues to play in my head with grief I have never felt. I came home from the store carrying in groceries and for the first time Jetta wasn't there to greet me. I swung the door open and yelled for her. I glanced over and saw her laying still in front of the fireplace. I called for her but she did not move. It took a second for me to realize her head was completely submerged in a plastic container.

"I ran to her screaming shaking her as I'm trying to pull this plastic container off of her head it took five tugs before I could get it off and immediately I started CPR screaming for help with the deepest grief I have ever felt pumping my babies chest.

My son-in-law arrived and continued to do CPR as my heart was crying out to her. After 30 min we were unable to revive her. A senseless incident. A small plastic bear container with a twist lid had been the cause of death of my Jetta.

The container headset on the counter for over a month and never in 1 million years would I have ever thought it would take her life. I have lost a very big part of myself when I lost her for I loved her with all of my heart."

Please share this story — the devastation and disbelief with the events that took place over a plastic container haunt me."

— Denise W.

"We never expected this to happen" — RIP Teddy

Pet suffocation awareness Teddy

"We had Teddy for almost five years and knew that he wouldn’t give any trouble. We would sometimes leave for work for eight hours and come back to find Teddy snoozing on the couch, so we knew we could trust him.

I remember holding my son and feeding him on the couch when my husband shouted from the room that Teddy wasn’t breathing. He said that he found a Doritos bag over his head, and that he must’ve dug it out from the trash. It all felt so surreal. I didn’t know what to do…I was shaking. My husband was performing CPR when I told him that we should rush him to the emergency room. We all got into the truck and drove off as fast as we could. We finally got to the emergency room, and the nurses took him right away no questions asked. We were then placed into a room, and waited no longer than five minutes before the vet came back with the most devastating news we could possibly get.

Teddy was so brave and always happy…he was strong and playful…we never expected this to happen and wish we knew the dangers of bags." 

— Bianca B.

"I’m so thankful you came into my life." — RIP Eleanor

Pet suffocation awareness Eleanor"Eleanor got into the chips, and somehow her head got stuck in the bag. Unfortunately, I did not wake up in time to save her. My poor, sweet, sassy, mischievous, loving Eleanor went to puppy heaven. I know about plastic bags, etc. but never dreamed of a chip bag. I know this was a freak accident, but wanted to share so other pet lovers/fur babies never have to experience something like this.

In memory of Eleanor, give your pets extra hugs and kisses today. She would love that! Eleanor was my buddy and my best friend. She could make me laugh on the worst of days. Poo-poo bear you will always be in my heart and I’m so thankful you came into my life. I just wish you had stayed longer. Rest in peace my sweet Eleanor."

— Lila L.


"There are no words to adequately describe our grief" — RIP Angus

Pet suffocation awareness Angus“Angus was constantly on the hunt for anything and everything edible. Knowing this, we were vigilant about putting food away.  But that was because of him getting into something that disagreed with his tummy and then throwing up on the carpet, NOT because of the possibility of suffocation -– we NEVER realized suffocation was possible.

A box of crackers was mistakenly left on the counter, and Angus found it. We are devastated by his loss and feel such anguish that we let him down when he most needed us. We cannot come to terms with the fear and pain he must have experienced in his final moments. There are no words to adequately describe our grief.”

– Patricia M.

Danger Inside A Cereal Box – RIP Ripken

Pet suffocation awareness Ripken"My dear Ripken had gotten into cereal boxes in the past as he had a bit of a mischievous side. Even though we found shredded boxes we never saw the risk of suffocation associated to this.

On June 14th, 2014 I was with my sons at a soccer game and my wife and daughter ran out for about an hour. When they returned they found Ripken lifeless with a box and the cereal liner squeezed onto his head. We were shocked and the sadness will never leave us completely. We used to keep our cereal boxes on the bottom floor of our pantry. We must have left the doors open that day allowing him to get in - I will always blame myself for not protecting him from this risk. If we had only shut the pantry door, or kept the cereal boxes on a shelf he would still be with us today."

– Geoff M.


"The guilt that I feel is almost unbearable." — RIP Jaxon

Pet suffocation awareness Jaxon“Jaxon was my entire world! I am proud that I rescued him, but the truth is he rescued me. He was with me through so much and Tuesday April 22, after grabbing a bite to eat with friends, I came home to find my beloved Jaxon gone.

His head was still stuck in the Holistic Select cat food bag. It is made out of the same mylar-like material that potato chip bags are made from. I was only gone an hour. I am completely devastated. I never thought anything like this could happen. When I tell people what happened they cannot believe it.

He was loved by so many. He went to doggie daycare at his veterinarian's office every day and it is so overwhelming to see how many lives he touched. I just wanted to let people know how much I loved him and to let people know that these bags are dangerous!

Every month, I email and write the company that makes the cat food. I have had no response, but I write every month. My heart shattered that night. It has been 223 days since I lost him. I have cried every one of those days. The guilt that I feel is almost unbearable. Had I known about the dangers of this material, I would have disposed of it differently.”

– Sherry W.

This Happens To Cats Too! — RIP Waldo

Waldo-cat-suffocation.jpg"Christmas Eve, we lost a dear family member. Waldo Chester was the most intelligent and curious cat. He was just over 2 years old. He was loving toward everyone, even our large dog. He knew how to open latched doors and containers. When we arrived home after our morning Christmas activities.

Waldo normally would have greeted us at the door happily. He wasn't around. Thinking he was just exploring the rest of the house, we began to open our dog's food container to feed them and there we found dear Waldo curled up in a ball laying on top of all the dog food.

Beware of having plastic containers that could easily swing shut in your home. Curious cats will go wherever they can get, not thinking about how to get back out. Rest easy baby Waldo. You will always be my precious little man."

– Janalee T.

The Pig Ears Were OUTSIDE Of The Bag! — RIP Jaxon

Pet suffocation awareness Jaxon“I still remember this day like it was yesterday. I came home from work and instead of the normal excited greeting I get, there was silence. I found Jaxon outside in the corner of our backyard.

The thing that gets me every time I think about it is the pig ears were OUT OF THE BAG! He had already gotten them out and they were right next to him, but for some reason he thought he needed to check one last time.

I had no idea that something like this could happen. Unfortunately, I still blame myself because it is something that could have easily been avoided. He had just had knee surgery and he was just starting to get back to his normal self. I have another lab that surely does not replace Jaxon, but is our new family member. It took me until he was over 2 years old to leave him home alone not crated...and even still my anxiety gets the best of me and I go check on him.

All the bottom of my bags are cut off, including chips, cereal, treats, etc. I even find myself putting bags up high, hidden away when I am at others’ house who have pets. I would not wish this upon anyone and constantly remind people of the dangers! Dog proof your home just like you were child proofing!!!”

– Nikole D.

A Bread Bag Almost Killed This PTSD Dog

Pet suffocation awareness Jinx“Jinx got into a King's Hawaiian bread (which is sold in an orange and clear plastic bag) while we were asleep. My amazing Heeler made her way from the kitchen to the bedroom (unable to see through the bag covering her head) near where I was sleeping and her labored attempt to breathe woke me up.

If she had not come to me for help she would have been dead when I woke up. This scared me to death and I have never thought of plastic the same again!

Jinx is not only my sweet everything but she is also my PTSD therapy dog. I got her as a puppy after my tour in Afghanistan. I have had animals (dogs and horses) my whole life and this was a first for me!! Awareness is a must for this potential killer!!

– Mary A.

"The image of finding him will forever be burned in my head." — RIP Chino

Pet suffocation awareness Chino

"On Friday July 18th 2014, I came home from a lunch date with my best friend. I found my sweet Chino dead on the living room floor with a Rold Gold Pretzel Thin bag on his head. He had got in the trash can and pulled the bag out. I had no idea he could even open a closed lid trash can. He was still warm-so I did chest compressions on him but it was too late.

To make matters worse I had my 9 week old with me and my husband was on plane flying home from a business trip. My poor other dog Rolen was huddled in the corner shaking. This was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through. My grief for my sweet Chino is so overwhelming. The image of finding him will forever be burned in my head. The countless "what ifs" happen almost daily. My house is so different without him.

Had I known this could even happen – every bag would be shredded. With therapy, I can now look at pictures or videos without having a break down. It's still hard because Chino loved our newborn son, as our son is hitting milestones, I think about Chino and how he would be with him."

– Catie O.

Their Routine Had Been The Same For Years – RIP Skeeter

Pet suffocation awareness Skeeter's family“Skeeter was one of a kind. He showed up at our door one day, we let him in and he never left. We opened more then just our door that day, we opened our hearts. We posted signs but no one claimed him.

At first Skeeter was a fear biter and we knew if we took him to any rescue and or shelter there would be a good chance he would be unable to be placed.

Made an appointment for him to be neutered and chip, he was ours now and was going to part of the family. Before he became Skeeter we tried calling him different names but nothing stuck. I was watching tv one afternoon and a boat commercial came on of my interest, Skeeter bass boats. I yelled out, that's what I want a skeeter! About that time he came and jumped in my lap to share the excitement and I asked if he wanted a skeeter also and his excitement grew! It was like he understood and from that point on he was Skeeter.

The routine in Skeeter’s home had been the same for days, months, years...but that day something unfortunate happened. The wind might have blown the treat bag off the shelf outside, where they had always been stored. No one will ever really know.

“On Mothers Day May 10, 2015 we lost our Skeeter. He suffocated from a bag, but it was not a chip bag, it was a treat bag. He tried his best to chew through the bag, it was heartbreaking.

Pet suffocation awareness Skeeter lost is lifeI work in the Vet field and had no idea that this could happen. We feel so responsible for what happened. And we are so devastated. Losing him the way we did will never be understood. We lost him and part of our hearts that day as well. Not a day goes by that I still don't think of him, growing old with the rest of us.

The image of him with the bag stuck on his head as his lifeless body lying still in the yard where he ran full of life was no more. Awareness is needed for all, not just pet owners. Simple oversight we took for granted and now all suffer. Thank you for your mission and fighting for those who no longer have a voice. RIP Skeeter, my lover are so loved and missed!!” 

– Gemma S.


Found Inside A Plastic Food Container – RIP Max

Pet suffocation awareness cat Max lost his life"I miss him so much. He was always with me. He slept with me every night and would be the first to wake me in the morning by pulling the covers down from my face and staring at me. That was when he wasn't knocking things off of my dresser to try and wake me up.

He greeted me when I came home, was always on my lap when I sat down, kneaded my stomach, and had to be on my shoulders when I was brushing my teeth. He rarely left my side. He was my oldest and my favorite and I will never forget him.

I would like everyone to be aware of the dangers of plastic pet food containers. Max, as clever as he was, opened the container I kept cat food in and jumped in. And either by momentum or by another one of my cats jumping on top of the container, the top closed and he suffocated inside. When he was missing I thought he had gotten outside and went to get some cat food to put out for him, but instead found him inside the container. I still can't believe he is gone and I still have trouble sleeping. I miss him more than I can say."

– Darlene D.

They Didn't Think Chloe Would Make It

Pet suffocation awareness Chloe"I was gone 1 hour and came home to find my 5 lb Chloe with a bag (mint patties) over her head barely breathing her own air ... passed out. I gave CPR and ran her to the closest vet 10 minutes away. Her jaw was locked shut from shock. She stayed in a coma for many hours and was placed in an oxygen tank with fluids, for 2 days. 

It was so traumatizing and I feel so BLESSED to have her with us still. She is a little slower and weaker but considering I thought she was dead when I found her and the doctors initial - "probably won't make it and if she does will probably have major issues" (they thought she had lost sight for first 24 hours) - she is doing AMAZING!" 

– Tamera A.

Close Call With A Chip Bag For Henri

Henri-dog-suffocation.jpgMy dog was about 8 months old when I found him with a chip bag stuck on his head. I laughed and even took a pic! Thankfully he had plenty of air getting in. However I had no idea of the danger and that he could have suffocated!

I shudder to think how differently it could have turned out! I now know how dangerous it is and I do warn other pet owners as well! ”

– Ruth B.Henri turned 10 years young last month and is still going strong!

"My family had no idea this could happen." – RIP Tink

Pet suffocation awareness Tink

"We lost our beloved Tink to suffocation. She had only been out of our sight for 15 minutes. We thought she was on the couch as she frequently went out to lay down or play with her toys. We were right in the bedroom watching a show. I asked my husband where she was because I found it odd that we hadn't seen her in awhile. He went in looking for her and yelled for me. He found her with a dog treat bag over her head. All the treats were gone.

We tried CPR for 10 minutes begging and pleading for her to come back to us. We understood later that she was gone before we found her and there was nothing we could do. I have had so much guilt and confusion since this happened. Tink was a happy, healthy girl. She was such a huge part of our family and our home seems empty now. Our other two dogs have been lost without Tink and have acted very strange and sad.

My family had no idea that this could happen. We always thought we were all safe in our home. Our family is devastated and in in a constant state of grief since this tragic event.

Thank you for your website and for sharing Tinky's story to help prevent this agony from happening to another family."

– Kimberly B.