Preventive Vet Partnerships & Offers

Sharing is Caring

We have established relationships with some of the best of the best in the pet health and veterinary industry. Our partners are pleased to offer you something in return for believing in pet owner education and client relationships as much as they do.

These are not paid placements, nor do we earn a commission from any transactions with these partners. We really like what they're doing and we admire who they are. 

Veteos – Free Educational Video Tips

Preventive Vet, in partnership with the award-winning veterinary video production company, Veteos, has produced tip videos based on our 101 Essential Tips book series. These videos are available to be personalized for your practice’s website, client education campaigns, and social media posts.

View the video tips and receive three personalized videos for free with your practice logo right in them! It's the easiest way to have your own customized video production.

veteos-logo-square-black101 Tips Veteos Videos

Dr. Buzby's Nail Trimming Master Course – 50% Off

This course is created and presented by the founder of ToeGrips® dog nail grips, Dr. Julie Buzby, DVM, CAVCA, and CVA.

Learn how to master stress-free dog nail trimming without blood, sweat, and tears through Dr. Buzby’s online, self-paced course. By the end of this 11-module video series you will:

  • Discover the unique, stress-free nail trimming technique Dr. Buzby uses to safely trim all types of nails, including black, large, small, white, and puppy nails.
  • Understand how to dramatically reduce your chances of hitting a dog’s quick by recognizing the “pre-quick.”
  • Learn the “goat on a rock” theory and understand its critical importance to a dog’s gait and stride.

Plus, upon course completion, you’ll receive a free printable certificate to display in your veterinary office.

Curious what other vets have to say about Dr. Buzby’s course? Here’s just one testimonial…

“Great instruction! As a veterinarian with 29 years experience, I still learned new things in the course and I am looking forward to using her technique. I did this on a 100# Black Lab today with great success!” — Dr. Seely Rotigel, DVM

Simply use code VET50 to save 50% when you buy Dr. Buzby’s dog nail trimming master course. When you checkout, an email will arrive in your inbox with instructions on how to access your course.



Sleepypod – 10% Off

You shouldn’t have to guess about the safety of your pet’s products. Sleepypod products are made for more comfortable, safer living with your furry best friends. From the BPA-free, baby-safe silicone in Sleepypod's Yummy Travel Bowls to the crash-testing of our entire line of carriers and car harnesses at U.S., Canadian, and E.U. child safety seat standards, Sleepypod devotes careful and caring attention to each detail in every product. Pets travel safer with Sleepypod.

10% discount to veterinary staff on any Sleepypod products and accessories purchased from the Sleepypod U.S. site.

Use code PVS2024 at checkout.

Sleepypod Preventive Vet Offer

PawsTime: 50% Off

Like most veterinary practices, you are likely experiencing high call volumes. Since you can’t eliminate hold time, why not embrace it?

With PawsTime, your on-hold messages are automatically updated each month. Callers will learn about your hours, services, and doctors’ recommendations for improving pet health. PawsTime also includes customized messages created exclusively for your practice.

New services, doctors or special offers? No problem. PawsTime includes unlimited edits. Just a quick call or email, and our writers will craft new messages for your review. Listen to PawsTime samples here.

While the telephone remains the preferred channel of business communication, the power of social media cannot be overlooked. For many practices, the biggest challenge is finding time to manage it all. Each month, we create fresh social media content that you can copy, paste & educate! You’ll love our monthly companion email with social media posts, infographics, a monthly content calendar, and tips from our social media experts. Click here for samples of our social media materials.

Preventive Vet Partner Discount: 50% off of the first two months of service and discounted hardware and/or setup fees (a $245 savings).

Email or call 877-516-8220 and mention Preventive Vet to take advantage of this special offer!

Pawstime Vet Offer


Vetnique Labs – Free Samples

Gulpz™ offers your clients a convenient way to administer medications to their pets while promoting digestion and immunity. Gulpz includes 500 million CFUs of Lactospore® Probiotics and all-natural Ginger to help counteract stomach upset due to medications in a delicious and healthy treat!

Seniorbliss™ line of supplements and shampoos are specifically-formulated to support pets throughout their senior years. Each Seniorbliss product uses unique ingredients to support older pets' daily activity, comfort, and overall quality of life.
Get your FREE clinic sample today! Click on the products below.

Vetnique Gulpz


Vetnique Hip Joint offer


Veterinary Management Solutions: Free DiSC Assessment

Is your team exceptionally stressed daily? Are you sensing much tension between colleagues, including people talking behind people's backs and expressing their frustrations? We've seen this repeatedly, and after we engage your team with our DiSC process/exercise, the results are transformative.
Building a culture starts by building a foundation of trust. To build trust within a team, we must understand how to communicate effectively with them. Everything DiSC Workplace is a fantastic tool that teaches us about ourselves and how to share more effectively with others.

Earn a free DiSC assessment using the discount code DiSC when completing the form

Veterinary Mgmt Solutions

Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews

Are you constantly searching for the most effective and safe products to improve the quality of life for your patients? If so, Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews are designed with you and your patients in mind.

Founded by two passionate veterinarians who have witnessed firsthand the impact of osteoarthritis on dogs and their families, Jope takes an evidence-based approach to product formulation, manufacturing scientifically-backed supplements for dogs.

Our flagship product, Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews, contains three carefully selected active ingredients based on a review of over 85 scientific studies: UC-II collagen, curcumin, and omega-3s, all at therapeutic levels.

UC-II, undenatured type II collagen, is a breakthrough ingredient used in human and veterinary medicine with great success in improving mobility and joint comfort. In fact, studies, including those that utilized ground force plate gait analysis, have shown UC-II to be significantly more effective than glucosamine + chondroitin.

In addition, our Joint chews are meat-allergy friendly and made with organic ingredients that are cold-processed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality and safety for your patients.

We would be delighted to answer any questions and offer special veterinary clinic discounts or referral programs.

Please feel free to contact us at

jope hip and joint chews for dogs


Preferred Legal Fee Program for Preventive Vet

The National Veterinary Law Group is dedicated exclusively to serving the legal needs of the veterinary community throughout the country.  We provide strategic legal and business solutions to our clients in all facets of their business life cycle, including corporate formations and start-ups, acquisitions, sales and mergers, associate buy-ins, non-veterinary ownership structures, real estate transactions, partnership agreements, employment agreements, joint ventures, and succession planning.

Whether you are a veterinarian just starting out on your journey and are looking to join a practice or start-up your own practice, or are an experienced practice owner exploring the right exit strategy, having the right legal team makes all the difference.  We leverage our experience to anticipate our client’s needs and work collaboratively with their teams to achieve their business goals while respecting our client's deadlines and budget.   

You can check out our team’s most recent newsletter here.

We welcome an opportunity to answer questions about our veterinary practice, discuss your legal needs, and how we can work together, including our preferred legal fee program for Preventive Vet.  Please feel free to contact Peter H. Tanella, Esq., who chairs the National Veterinary Law Group, at or (973)243-7919. 

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