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Introducing a Dog to a Cone

How to introduce a dog to wearing a cone in 6 easy steps. This prevents increased stress during post-op recovery or other medical treatments and helps a dog figure out how to maneuver while wearing a cone around the home. 

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free puppy socialization app - pupstanding

Socialize a Puppy with the Pupstanding App

Socialization is so important for puppies. Preventive Vet's free Pupstanding® smartphone app helps a puppy learn that new people, sounds, textures, and being handled are all things to not worry about! Interactive checklist of 100 things to positively expose a puppy to.

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allowing puppy on bed

Dog Training — Set House Rules Template (Download)

It can be very confusing for a dog if one person allows them on the furniture, and another person yells at them when they jump up on the couch to cuddle. This worksheet provides some things to consider as a family establishes their house rules so that they're clear and consistent.

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