Pupstanding® Puppy Potty Log (Free Download)

Pupstanding Potty Log

Keeping track of your puppy’s elimination schedule will help you figure out their daily routine and help you avoid housebreaking accidents. Knowing their usual pattern gives you an idea of when they need to be let outside to potty and gives you a better idea of when to feed.

If you notice that they're having accidents at similar times each day or week, you can adjust their potty break schedule or feeding schedule to set them up for success. Having a potty log also helps you see their house training progress as they age so you can make sure they're on track.

This log will also help multiple people in your home track whether or not your pup has already had a potty break or needs to go outside — post it somewhere easy to see and fill out, like the front of your refrigerator or by the front door.

Make sure you’re still watching your puppy all the time for any signs they need to potty, as they’re still growing and might need to go to the bathroom at any time.

puppy potty accidentHow to Use the Pupstanding Potty Log 

  • Print out the log sheet and post it somewhere easy to see and fill out. Update the log whenever your puppy goes potty, whether in an appropriate place like outside or on their potty pad, or if it’s an accident.
  • Log the day and date and fill in the time your puppy goes potty.
  • Describe what kind of elimination your puppy had and make notes on whether it was regular or had any abnormalities (e.g., normal stool, hard, loose, diarrhea, multiple small urinations, etc.) if you’re noticing a trend in irregular eliminations, speak with your veterinarian about what could be causing them.
  • Log when you give your puppy their meals. Puppies usually need to eliminate 15–20 minutes after feeding.
  • Log the times your puppy sleeps. Puppies usually need to eliminate right after waking up.

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