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Go-home instructions – available in English and Spanish.

Do you get dog training and behavior questions during exams? Our Pupstanding Academy is a virtual resource veterinarians are recommending to their clients. Offer your clients a special discount code by signing up for our affiliate partner program.

We offer training workshops and live online behavior consults with our certified trainer and behavior consultant, Cathy Madson, a Fear Free Certified professional. Beyond companion dog training, she specializes in resource guarding, dog aggression, canine separation anxiety, and leash reactivity.

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Pet Suffocation Awareness Poster

PV-Pet-Suffocation-Infographic 2024

Hot Happens Fast Poster

Vet Resource - Hot Happens Fast

Household Dangers for Pets:
People Foods Poster

Household Hazards People Food


Xylitol Toxicity Awareness Poster

Vet Resource - Xylitol Poster

Lilies Poster

Lilies Kill Cats

Household Dangers for Pets:
Common Household Items Poster

Household pet safety hazards

LABELS: Pet Suffocation Awareness

This idea was germinated by a veterinary practice in Prince George, BC. They were personally touched by a pet suffocation tragedy and wanted to make sure it didn't happen to another client ever again. So, they reached out to us with an idea and we developed this label for them. They are attaching them to invoices when food is purchased, as well as sticking them on food and other giveaway bags.

They can be printed, using the template provided below, on these Avery labels (5 to a sheet).


Pet Suffocation Label Sheet (8.5 x 11)

New Call-to-action

Pet Suffocation Label Artwork (jpeg)New Call-to-action

PET InfoRx®

InfoRx Banner

Supercharged Discharge Notes

Our go-home instructions are created by veterinarians for veterinarians. It has been researched and proven that pet health and client satisfaction are positively impacted when post-procedure information is provided. Our Pet InfoRxs are "supercharged" because they address what pet owners truly value and need once they get home: to understand why this happened, to know how it happened, how to determine whether things are improving, how to determine if they're getting worse, and how to prevent it in the future.

Access to veterinary care is very important to our educational mission. The Pet InfoRxs have been translated into Spanish and then medically reviewed to ensure accuracy. We don't rely on Google Translate, which is an inappropriate tool to use to ensure medically accurate content.

"Accurate online information is important to both veterinarians and clients. A recent poll of veterinarians found that 67% reported that their clients frequently brought Internet information with them to appointments, yet 61% feel that the availability of veterinary information on the Internet confuses their clients (Fleishman-Hillard, 2008)."
Information prescriptions: A tool for veterinary practices, 2014

Check out Pet InfoRx – a free resource in English & Spanish

Dog Topics: After Surgery Care, Arthritis, Atopy & Food Allergies, Demodicosis & Sarcoptic Mange, Dental Cleanings & Extractions, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Ear Infections, FleasIntervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Intestinal Parasites, Masses & Tumors, Overweight or Obese, Palliative & End-of-Life Care, Pancreatitis, Parvovirus, Urinary Tract Infection & Bladder Stones, Vomiting & Diarrhea, Wound Care, Zoonotic Diseases

Cat Topics: After Surgery Care, Arthritis, Constipation, Dental Cleanings & Extractions, Diabetes, Ear Infections & Ear Mites, FeLV, FIV & FIP Viruses, Fleas, Heart Murmur, Hyperthyroidism, Intestinal Parasites, Kidney Disease, Not Eating or Drinking, Overweight or Obese, Palliative & End-of-Life Care, Ringworm Infection, Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), Urinary Tract Infection & Inflammatory Cystitis, Vomiting & Diarrhea, Wound Care.

More topics to come...

How Preventive Vet's Client Resources Differ from Others

We have put a lot of effort into making our resources clear and comprehensible for pet owners. We write to a grade 8–10 level, which is appropriate for medical content, yet not many resources online follow this methodology. We also ensure that our content educates and addresses both medical and behavior. We take into account the entire well-being of the pet and the circumstances the entire family is going through. Sometimes at-home solutions are needed, particularly post-care, and awareness of what to keep an eye on is critical. We think it through from every angle to provide comprehensive, relevant, pet-owner-friendly content. 

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Pet Suffocation Awareness

There are additional shareable graphics and stories on our National Pet Suffocation Awareness Week page.

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Free Educational 101 Tips Videos

Preventive Vet, in partnership with the award-winning veterinary video production company, Veteos, has produced tip videos based on our 101 Essential Tips book series. These videos are available to be personalized for your practice’s website, client education campaigns, and social media posts.

View the video tips and receive three personalized videos with your practice logo right in them! It's the easiest way to have your own customized video production.101 Tips Veteos Videos

Training & Behavior Videos

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Getting used to a blow dryer

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Getting used to the cone (viewed over 30K times)

Check out our Client Resources Center for more training resources

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Preventing door dashing & other training tips

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DIY cat condo for enrichment

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