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101 Tips Books for Veterinary Clients

7 Tips for Implementing 101 Essential Tips Books in Your Practice

For the Front Desk

#1 Offer the books for sale, at $11.95

Dog H&S Edition 3 with starburstEven if you're giving the books away for free to your clients when they check out, they will see it for sale and because they got it for free they will feel extra special.

Also, clients who have been given the book sometimes ask to buy additional copies for pet-owning friends and family, or they'll purchase a version of the book (i.e., cat book) that they didn't receive during their visit.

#2 Create a product SKU for each book in your PiMS

Add the book you've given your client for free to their invoice, but credit it -$11.95. This way your client sees the $11.95 value-add.


For Veterinarians, Nurses, and Assistants

vet-exam-room-books#3 Educate Before You Step in the Room

There’s usually a few minutes between when your nurse leaves a client in the room and your doctor goes in… and this is a wonderful opportunity to get that client started down the path of preventive education and previewing some of the things your team will be going over with them during their visit, especially for new clients and puppy and kitten owners! This can help to make these conversations easier, and will also help to ensure that your client is leaving with all of their questions answered.

Nurses can present your clients with their book after the TPR and history taking, highlighting a few of the tips for the pet owner to review while waiting for the doctor.

#4 Encourage all staff members to share their “favorite tips”

By highlighting a tip to your client you are, through your excitement, demonstrating that the book is worth reading. Also, depending on the time of year, the breed of the pet, etc., there may be particular tips that you may want to highlight (e.g., dangers of heatstroke, blue-green algae, lilies, holiday hazards, etc.)

#5 Be sure to impress upon your client that the information in the book can help them save thousands of dollars in emergencies

You’ll be clearly demonstrating that you want to help them not just prevent pain and suffering for their pets, but also help them avoid spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by preventing the need for emergency visits. After all… it’s human nature to trust and feel connected to those who help us not just fix problems, but also avoid them in the first place.

#6 Highlight the “WIN A $250 CREDIT WITH YOUR VET” contest

Your client could win $250 to spend at your practice. We send a check for $250 directly to your practice to credit the winner's account.

Each physical book comes with a secret code that unlocks the digital book online, that has additional resources for each tip. The code is different for each dog and cat book and can be found on the back covers. Read more about the $250 Vet Credit contest.

back of books code

For Your Clients

Vet-client-dog-book#7 Engage your client when they return

When your new client returns to your hospital for the next visit, ask them if they have any questions after reading their 101 Essential Tips book.

Our client survey data indicates that over 70% of clients will want to talk about something that is in their book. This is another chance for you to bond with them and ensure you're answering all of their questions. Also, ask if they entered the $250 vet credit contest. It could be "free money!"


Customize Your Book Covers

101 tips books with stickers

Create Custom Stickers

Create your own sticker or choose a design from the options below. Fill out one of the forms below (for the sticker you choose) and we’ll email you the design file so you can order from an online sticker company like Uprinting. [200 Stickers for ~ $51.44]. We'll get you your design within 48 hours Monday through Friday.

Your sticker can promote the contest we run and fund, where your clients get the chance to win $250 to spend only in your practice. If you're not aware of the contest, please read more here.

Fill Out the Form Beneath Your Preferred Design

(Stickers are 2" in diameter)

Dog-book-sticker Cat-book-sticker


How to Order Your Stickers

You can buy stickers from wherever you like, but we have researched a number of online companies and have found that UPrinting has the best quality and price.

1. Go to:

2. Select “Custom Stickers (top left)

3. Select the options that are in the image below. Note that you can choose Rolls instead of Cut-to-Size but the price is twice as much.

4. Click “Upload your file” and upload the design file that we emailed to you.

Uprinting custom sticker ordering



$250 Vet Credit Contest

Quick Details

  • Your clients have a chance to win $250 to spend at your practice!101 tips contest enter
  • Book recipients, or those who buy a book in your practice, need to go to the url on the back cover, enter the code to access the contest entry form. A graphical prompt will be visible, like the inset photo, to encourage them to enter.
  • There's a separate contest for cat owners and dog owners.
  • Entries are eligible for a year, so if they don't win in the first draw after they enter, they have several more chances to win.

$250 Vet Credit

  • This prize doesn't cost your practice or client anything. 
  • If a client of yours wins, we send a $250 check directly to your practice to be applied to their account for them to use on any products or services you provide. 
  • Since we've been running the contest, we have given away over $12,000 in prizes and counting.
  • Clients are super excited when they win! Scroll down to see some testimonials and photos of pets who have won in the past.

What You Can Do

  • Let your clients know there are prizes to be won, by telling them to go to the url on the book's cover and enter. 

Why Do We Do Run This Contest?

This contest is an extension of the value you provide by giving out (and selling) these books. We're on a mission to help support you in creating the strongest bond possible with your clients. The stronger the bond, the better off the pet is and the better off the profession is. Plus, like Oprah, we have fun giving stuff away!

Read full rules and regulations

Here's what some of our 101 Tips winners have had to say


"Shirley is doing great and the [101 Tips] book has been very helpful to me as a first-time cat owner!"


"Winnie is so sweet and is my constant companion. I am working with Dr. Phelps to give Winnie the best life possible. She is blessed to be under their wonderful care. Thank you for your kindness."


"We just scheduled a nutritional consult with Dr. Morgan. Having saved a baby with FIV we want to make sure he's eating for optimal health… we're concerned about the expense but have to do it for our furry babies! Cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!"*

*Winning cat could not be reached for photo, so here is her stand-in, Anton


Lando's owner, Stephanie, said,"I'm a big fan of the book and it's definitely come in handy for us."