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A Quick Word About Affiliate Links

affiliate links

There are approximately 400 gazillion pet products on the market today, but you probably just want to know about the good ones. At Preventive Vet, we like making this whole pet thing easier for you while also giving tips to help you keep your pup or kitty safe — you might think of it as positive reinforcement.

We provide affiliate links to some of our favorite products so you can easily find the pick of the litter when you're looking for something for your pet.

Affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees without selling ads. We will only link to the products that meet our high standards of safety, durability, and of course pet-approval. We are not compensated by companies for recommending their product(s). We make recommendations based on what we feel will be most helpful for you.

As an Amazon and Chewy Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. When you click an affiliate link on our site and choose to purchase something, it doesn't cost you any more, but we will receive a small "treat" (a small affiliate fee) for the referral. Not enough treats to make us fat (which is a good thing … we wouldn't want to develop a bad case of pancreatitis or become obese), but enough to keep us happy while we create new (and don't forget, free) content about important things every animal lover should know. So thank you in advance for the treat. You can’t see it ... but our tails are wagging!