Pick and stick with a potty spot

To help your pup’s potty training along, choose one area in your yard or close to where you live where you want your dog to “go potty.” Then be sure to head there first, every time, when taking your pup outside for their “business trips.” Bringing them to the same spot each time, and the smells they “pick up” from having gone there multiple times, can help speed up the whole potty training process, as well as each individual “trip.” Both of which are great things — especially when you’re already sleep-deprived and when it’s rainy or cold outside! Speaking about less-than-desirable weather … be sure to choose a potty spot that’s both easily accessible from your home — not 100 yards away — and also at least somewhat protected from the elements. You and your dog will both be happy you did when the weather takes a turn for the worse!

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