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Find an Animal ER

Knowing the location and contact information for your local Animal ER in advance of an emergency happening can prove life saving. The resources linked below have searchable databases for locating Animal ERs throughout North America and in certain other countries, too. These resources are valuable not just when you're close to home, but also when an emergency occurs while on vacation with your pets.


Vetstreet Veterinary Hospital and Specialist Search Tool

(Currently not working but being updated and relaunched soon): Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society — This link is to the searchable animal emergency hospital locater on their website. VECCS is a membership society of veterinarians involved with emergency and critical care for animals. Their missions are to raise the standard of care provided to animals in emergency and critical care situations, and to assure that all animals in need receive the best care possible. 

The easiest way to use this tool, is to enter the two-letter state/province, OR your zip/postal code, not both — see example below. Click here to search.
 er hospital locater

*If you have a resource that you love and want other pet owners to be aware of, please let us know about it and we’ll evaluate it for consideration on our resources pages. Thank you!