how to get your puppy to love their crate

Crate = Love

Many dogs absolutely adore their crate — voluntarily spending time there, day and night. You can help your pup grow to love their crate by making it a comforting and wonderfully positive place. The trick is to do their crate training gradually and in a fun manner. Start by feeding meals in the crate, leave the door open and (initially) hang out while they’re eating. Also, when they’re not in their crate, randomly walk by and throw some treats, or a favorite toy in for them to get. Praise them and play with them when they go in. Now, it’s time for the door to be closed.

Start with short periods and stay in the room with them, praising them and giving them treats for remaining calm (don’t reward whimpering). Gradually extend the amount of time the door stays closed, as well as increasing your distance from the crate (eventually you will be out of the room). As you extend their time in the crate, and your distance from it, don’t forget to leave some safe distraction toys, and other “creature comforts” in there with them.

Eventually, you’ll probably notice they’ll go in on their own when the door is open to get some “me” time. Do crate training right and their crate will become one of their favorite things ... aside from you, of course!

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