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Join Our Veterinary Affiliate Program

Preventive Vet's Pupstanding Academy provides online dog training workshops and one-on-one behavior consults to dog owners all around the world. Connect your clients with the training support they need by becoming a Pupstanding affiliate partner.

Led by certified canine behavior consultant, Cathy Madson, Pupstanding Academy offers help and support for all dog training and behavior issues. Whether it's puppy socialization, basic training, or complex issues like dog aggression or separation anxiety, we're able to help.

Clients Can Start Anytime, From Anywhere

Virtual dog training makes it easy to start training right away. No need for clients to wait for puppy vaccines to attend group classes. No waitlists. No travel time.

Instant access, self-paced training programs, and professional help for any dog training or behavior need.

Affiliate Partner Benefitsvet give-get

Give your clients 25% OFF any of our self-directed online workshops and courses with a personalized coupon code. (Coupon not applicable for one-on-one sessions.)

Your practice receives a 20% commission on any Pupstanding Academy purchase made through one of your referrals, including one-on-one sessions.

A customized webpage with your clinic logo, unique coupon code, and contact info to make sharing with clients quick and easy.


What We Offer:

Training Essentials Workshops

potty training workshop crate training workshop
nipping workshop socialization workshop
barking workshop jumping workshop

Resource Guarding Foundations Course

One-on-One Virtual Consults

rg course screenshot
virtual one on one consult screenshot

More workshops and courses coming soon.
Just fill out the form below to sign up for the program and get updates.

How the Affiliate Program Works

To sign up as an affiliate partner, fill out the form below.

We create your affiliate account, set up your affiliate URLs, and activate your custom 25% off coupon code for clients to use. We'll also create a customized webpage with your clinic logo, special coupon code, and contact info to share with clients. 

STEP 1: Fill out and submit the form below. Please allow up to 2–4 business days for confirmation and creation of your affiliate account and customized webpage.

STEP 2: Once you receive the confirmation email from Pupstanding Academy, sign in at PupstandingAcademy.com to set your password and connect a PayPal* account. From your account dashboard, you can then track earnings and track monthly payouts.

*You must have a PayPal account to collect automatic monthly payouts from the affiliate program.

STEP 3: You will receive a custom link and coupon code to share with your clients via email, social media, and more!

STEP 4: Additionally, your affiliate link and coupon code will be featured on your customized webpage.

That's it! Whenever a client clicks on one of your affiliate links, it "cookies" their browser for 365 days. Any Pupstanding purchases of training workshops or one-on-one consults made within that timeframe, no matter where they initiate that purchase from, are attributed to you, and you'll receive a 20% commission automatically.

Snapshot of Client Discounts & Commissions

Essentials Workshops (includes self-paced training modules, video demonstrations, in-course instructor feedback, and more:
MSRP is $9/ea;
Client discount = $2.25;
Veterinary commission = $1.35

Resource Guarding Foundations Course (includes extensive self-paced curriculum, professional prognosis, personalized training plan, two 1-hour private online sessions with a certified behavior consultant + 2 months of email and text support):
MSRP is $249;
Client discount = $62.25; 
Veterinary commission = $37.35

One-on-One Virtual Sessions with a certified trainer and/or canine behavior consultant:
MSRP is between $39 and $299;
No Client discount;
Veterinary commission is between $7.80 and $59.80 based on the length of consult purchased.

Questions? Email training@preventivevet.com

Pupstanding Veterinary Affiliate Partner Form

Logo Upload: Please upload the largest logo file size available, in either jpeg or png format. We will adjust sizing as needed for your customized webpage. If you have questions or need help, please send us an email.