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SureFlap Microchip Small Dog & Cat Door

Review provided by LeeAnna and her 3 rescued cats.

SureFlap Microchip Door

The SureFlap Microchip Door is a "smart" dog/cat door that can be programmed to read your pet's unique microchip (or the included RFID collar tag) to trigger opening. This keeps unwanted animals out and house-bound pets in. It also includes a curfew mode, allowing you to schedule specific times for the door to lock, managing the hours your pet is allowed access to the outdoors. Up to 32 different pets can be stored in the system, which is sized for small dogs and small to large cats. And it can be installed in doors, windows, and walls.

"This technology was just what I needed to keep my cat’s food, water and litter box secure.”

Why did I buy this product?

While the SureFlap Microchip Door is often used by those who allow their pets free access to the outdoors, and is a great option to keep food and litter boxes secure from dogs and other animals in the house, I actually needed it for a more unusual reason. Through fostering, my cats were unintentionally exposed to a contagious virus. The youngest was much more susceptible than my two senior cats, so my veterinarian recommended keeping his food, water, and litter box separate from theirs for at least three months (general interaction was still fine).

It wasn't feasible and didn't seem fair to quarantine one of my cats in a separate room for such a long period of time or try to manage and control everyone's access to these necessities without the help of technology. My youngest cat's food and water could be placed up high and it was simple enough to buy a litter box for him that I knew my senior cats wouldn't use (a top entry). The trick was keeping him out of their food, water, and litter box.

The SureFlap was the answer! I installed it in the door of a closet and was able to secure their off-limits necessities inside the closet, out of the reach of my youngster. I programmed their microchips into the system so it only allowed them access and kept the little one out. It worked beautifully!


Overall rating: Rating 4.25 stars

Overall, I give the SureFlap 4.3 out of 5 stars. For my purposes, the SureFlap was great! However, the circumstances were somewhat more controlled than you'd experience using the door for outside access. I can say it opened and closed as expected. Even when my kitten chased his older siblings, trying to follow them into the closet, it locked quickly and kept him out. Being somewhat timid, I was concerned about their willingness to use the door. It took a few days but they adjusted just fine.

Quality: Rating - 5 stars

The SureFlap is a solid product. Though I can't say how it would hold up in a sideways rain situation or under the barrage of a raccoon, it appears to be well made. The interior digital display is straightforward and easy to read.

Value for money: Rating 3.5 stars

The SureFlap Microchip Door is a pricey product. For me, it was 100% worth the money. But if I'd had another less costly option, I would have thought twice. If you have issues with unwanted animals trying to get in your pet door or you need to allow your pet outside at specific times of day when you can't be home, I'd say give it a shot! If you're considering it as an alternative to manually locking a basic pet door and don't have any extenuating circumstances, it may not be worth it.

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Safety: Rating - 5 stars

I found no safety issues with my use of the product. It can be set to “in only” ensuring pets can get back into the house (or, in my case, out of the closet) even if the door is locked manually or set to lock at a specific time while the pet is outsideThe frame is held securely with long screws. The door itself closes quickly, but not with enough force to cause injury.

Sustainability: Rating - 4 stars

Though I only used the SureFlap for a few months, it appears to be well made and quite sturdy. As long as your pet is microchipped, no additional parts or accessories are needed, beyond 4 C alkaline batteries (not included).  

Easy to use: Rating - 4 stars

The SureFlap is simple to install and use. Clear directions are provided for both. There's just a bit of programming involved, as you set it to read specific microchips or the RFID collar tags and get familiar with the different settings. Because I was installing in a closet door with raised panels, it wasn't the prettiest finished product. But that's to be expected given my circumstances. 


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What I love about this product:

It's great when newer technology can piggy back on something you already have (in this case, pet microchips), to solve a problem. And that's exactly what the SureFlap did for me!

What I don't like about the product:

SureFlap installedI have two very small problems with the SureFlap. I wouldn't even call them problems. Just be aware, the door takes a second or two to unlock as it's reading the microchip. This just means your pet needs to stand there for a second before bursting through. My cats were able to figure it out pretty quickly. 

The locking/unlocking mechanism is also a bit loud. In my case, I was using the SureFlap in the room next to my bedroom and it did sometimes wake me when the cats would use it. But that certainly wasn't a deal-breaker. 

Would I purchase this again?

If I were in a similar situation again, where I needed to manage which of my cats were able to access an enclosed area, I would certainly consider the SureFlap. The price point is high, but it does the job. And in my case, that job helped keep my cats healthy. The real value of the SureFlap is in the technology that allows you to choose who or what is allowed to enter. So, if I were simply looking for a way to allow ALL of my cats in and out of a specific area, I would go with a less expensive manual door.

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