Dog First-Aid Kit Shopping List

For important safety information and tips about how to use the contents of your dog's first-aid kit, please visit our article, "How to Make a First-Aid Kit for Dogs." And don't forget to bookmark this page on your phone to keep this list handy when you need it! Printer-friendly version.

Wound Care Bandages

Blood clotting powder || Recommended BrandClotIt || Quantity: 1

A bottle of saline wound flush || Recommended Brand: Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Wound Wash (4pk) || Quantity: 1–2 bottles

Wound disinfectant (e.g., Povidone iodine or Chlorhexidine diacetate) || Recommended Brand: PVP (Chlorhexidine diacetate should be purchased from your vet) || Quantity: 1 bottle

Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs || Recommended Brand: Dynarex Cotton Tip Applicator || Quantity: 10–20 of each (balls and swabs)

 Gauze pads ("sponges") || Recommended Brand: Kendall Curity || Quantity: 20–30 sponges

 Non-stick bandage pads || Recommended BrandCurad || Quantity: 3–5 pads

 Cotton "undercast" padding roll || Recommended BrandWebril 3" for smaller dogs or Webril 4" for larger dogs || Quantity: 3–8 rolls

Gauze roll || Recommended Brand: First Aid Only 2" Gauze Roll for smaller dogs or D&H Medical 4" Gauze Roll (bulk) for larger dogs || Quantity: 3–5 rolls

Bandage tape || Recommended Brand3M Medipore || Quantity: 1–2 rolls

 Blunt-tip bandage scissors || Recommended BrandPrestige Bandage Scissors or Madison Supply Trauma Sheers || Quantity: 1

 Splint(s) || Recommended Brand: SAM Medical || Quantity: 1 roll

 Self-adhesive bandage cover || Recommended Brand: WePet 2" Vet WrapWePet 4" Vet Wrap, or 3M Healthcare Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap || Quantity: 2–3 rolls

 Duct tape || Recommended Brand: Duck Brand || Quantity: 1 roll


3% Hydrogen Peroxide Caution: Do NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean a wound, as it can actually slow healing. || Recommended Brand: One Minute Miracle brand  or Swan || Quantity: One 16 oz. bottle

Activated charcoal Caution: Never administer activated charcoal without first checking with a veterinarian or animal poison control. Dogs or cats, with pre-exiting Hypernatremia, should never receive this as treatment. And never, never attempt to administer activated charcoal to a pet that is vomiting, having seizures, is unconscious, or otherwise mentally altered (due to the risk of the charcoal getting in their lungs).

Do not administer if the poison was ingested more than 2 hours prior — it is meant for acute poisoning. Once administered, it is important your cat gets plenty of fluids as it can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. || Recommended Brand: Vet A Mix Toxiban Suspension or UAA Nich Gel Universal Animal Antidote Gel  || Quantity: 1–2 bottles or tubes

Antibiotic ointment (best to get in individual use packs) || Recommended Brand: Medique || Quantity: 3–5 packs or 1 tube

Eye flush (saline) || Recommended Brand: Akorn, Inc Opthamlic 98.3% Pure Eye Wash || Quantity: One 4 oz. bottle

Artificial Tears || Recommended Brand: Systane || Quantity: One 4mL bottle

Benadryl (generic = diphenhydramine) Cautions: (1) Make sure that the medication you buy only has diphenhydramine as the active ingredient (i.e., don't use a combo cold + flu, or other combination medication).

(2) Make sure that you pay attention to the concentration of diphenhydramine in the pills or liquid when calculating the dose you are giving your dog. (3) Make sure that the formulation of diphenhydramine you get for your dog does NOT contain xylitol, a common sweetener that is fine for people but highly toxic to dogs! || Recommended Brand: SDA Laboratories || Quantity: At least 3 doses


Battery powered beard trimmer (for trimming fur around wounds — it’s best to avoid using scissors for this purpose) || Recommended Brand: Wahl Beard Trimmer || Quantity: 1 (don't forget batteries)

Non-invasive digital thermometer || Recommended Brand: Mella || Quantity: 1

Or Digital thermometer || Recommended Brand: Boncare Thermometer || Quantity: 1

Lube || Recommended Brand: Dynarex Lube Packets or Surgilube Lube (2 tubes) || Quantity: 3–5 packs or 1 tube

Emergency (warming) blankets || Recommended Brand: Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Blanket || Quantity: 1–2 blankets

Instant-cold packs || Recommended Brand: Superband || Quantity: 1–2 packs

Muzzle (pets in pain are more likely to bite — even their owner) || Recommended Brand: The Company of Animals Basket Muzzle or Ewinever Adjustable Muzzle || Quantity: 1 for each dog (i.e., variety of sizes)

Tick remover or tweezers || Recommended Brand: Tick Twister Tick Remover or Ticked Off Tick Remover or Uncle Bill's Tick Remover (tweezers) or SE Tick Remover (forceps) || Quantity: 1

 Syringes || Recommended Brand: Safety 1st Easy Fill Medicine Syringe || Quantity: 2–3

Miscellaneous (but important!)

First-aid manual || Recommended Brand: The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats or American Red Cross: Dog First Aid or The Safe Dog Handbook

Extra leash || Recommended Brand: Guardian 6' Slip Leash or Guardian 4' Slip Leash || Quantity: 1–2

Exam gloves || Recommended Brand: Nitrile Large Gloves or Nitrile Small Gloves or Nitrile Extra Large Gloves || Quantity: 3–5 pairs

Flashlight or other light source || Recommended Brand: Mag-Lite LED Flashlight, Vont "Spark" LED Headlamp, or Opoway Nurse's Pen Light

 Collapsible water bowl || Recommended Brand: Silipet Collapsible Bowl

Toolbox || Recommended Brand: OEMTOOLS Tool Box Set

Travel first-aid kit || Recommended Brand: New Market Squared Pet Travel First Aid Kit or ARCA Pet Home and Travel First Aid Kit