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Deskunk Your Dog – Hold the Tomato Juice

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Updated: July 19, 2017

In the battle of dog vs. skunk, nobody wins. Right?

After all, the skunk is scared or sadly killed, your dog winds up smelling like a, well… skunk, and you’re now left having to bathe your dog (often right before you have to run out the door for your work day!).

If your dog has been skunked, (if you can) don't let them in the house or your car – it could take a lot of effort (and money) to remove the smell and it can take months. Pew!

These encounters can be difficult to prevent. Fortunately though, if your dog does get sprayed, at least your battle against your dog’s new “scent” can be made a little bit easier thanks to science. Like your house and car, if your dog isn't washed properly, they could smell for months!

Deskunk your dog with this easy-to-make formula.

As you can see, using Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Dish soap (ingredients you likely already have in your home) you can finally win the day and rid your dog of their skunk smell!

Don't forget their eyes
It’s also a good idea to rinse your dog’s eyes out with sterile saline eye flush (like you use for your contacts) after they get sprayed by a skunk. The stuff that skunks spray can be highly irritating to your dog’s eyes, leading to pain and potentially even a corneal ulcer.

Hopefully this never happens to your dog.  But because skunks are usually more active around dawn or dusk avoid letting your dogs out in your yard at that time and walking them on a leash is always preferable. If it happens though, you now have science on your side.


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