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At Preventive Vet we know that an educated client is an "A" client. We also believe that where a client gets their education matters. So, we're here to help you be the source. And we're here to help you do it as cost-effectively as possible.

Our discount for veterinary practices is 50% off MSRP, so just $5.98/book.

Sell the books, give them to clients, or both. Either way, the 101 Essential Tips books will help you easily and reliably reach new heights with client education in your practice.

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102–page, full color book

Limit one per veterinary practice, please.

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"101 Essential Tips (cats) is a wonderful resource for any cat owner, but it is absolutely priceless for new kitten parents. I am a veterinarian in a busy university veterinary teaching hospital, and I have shared these books with clients, friends, and family -- all with rave reviews. My favorite part? The tips are presented in a simple, fun, and memorable way, with cute cartoon depictions and real-life stories to make learning fun!"

Lauren Blume, DVM

“Love this little book for its informative yet light tone for answering common cat owner questions. The writing style is accessible, the illustrations are entertaining, and the information is solid. It combines everything we want in client education - just the right tone with reliable information. Well done!"

Susan Little, DVM, DABVP (Fe)

“This book is the “What to expect while expecting” book for cat parents! It accumulates all the practical stuff I have gathered over 20 years of practice that I wish I could teach my clients in a short annual exam. I love that it addresses not just medical but behavioral advice to make your life with your cat the best it can be.”

Amie Balandovich, DVM

"One of my goals as a veterinary behaviorist is to provide education for pet owners about common problems such as inappropriate elimination or scratching, problems that may otherwise lead to surrender or euthanasia.  This book does a fantastic job of addressing these behavior patterns in a fun and entertaining way, and will go a long way toward keeping cats in their homes for many years to come!!!”

Chris Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC

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Give your new kitten owners the wealth of information and awareness they need... and won't throw out!

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Reward your clients for investing in their pet’s wellness… and your practice.

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Welcome and bond your new clients with a gift they'll appreciate... and talk about.

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Show your appreciation to your VIP clients, those who refer friends and family, and other special clients.

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Turn a profit. Sell the book to your clients and other local pet owners.

jason-sasha-originalAbout the Author

Jason Nicholas is a veterinarian based in Portland, Oregon. He's a 2004 honors graduate of The Royal Veterinary College in London, England and a 2007 graduate of the internship program at The Animal Medical Center in New York City.

After seeing how difficult and time-consuming it can be to deliver all of the awareness and advice clients truly need (and deserve) to best take care of their pets, and knowing how critical this information is both to patient care and practice growth, he knew that the profession needed a better — and easier — way to deliver client education. He also knew it needed to be both reliable and non-competitive. He wrote the 101 Essential Tips books to help veterinary professionals and their clients.