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The Best Holiday Gifts of 2020 for Dogs (and the People Who Love Them)

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Updated: December 9, 2020


Searching for that perfect present to pamper your pet this holiday season? Need a gift for the dog lover in your life? We've rounded up our favorite gifts for both pooches and the people who adore them. From tech-savvy pups to the dogs who just want to relax, you'll find something for all types of dogs and their people!

For Snuggle-Up Pups

Soho Round Memory Foam Pet Bed by Pet Craft Supply — Best Bed for Small Dogs

Daisy in Soho Round Bed

Best for small dogs, this bed has proven a favorite for our office senior dog, Daisy the Toy Poodle. When she curls up and sinks into the memory foam, you can see her body relax. This is a perfect cozy little bed for small dogs and puppies.

— $24.99 on Amazon



Luxe Lounger Cradle Contour PetBed by Furhaven — Great for Large Dogs

orthapedic dog bed with removable cover - furhaven

It can be tough to find comfortable beds for large and giant dog breeds, but Furhaven offers Jumbo, Jumbo Plus, and Giant sizes. This micro velvet mattress is sophisticated, stylish, and offers a variety of fillings to choose from, with orthopedic, memory foam, and gel filling options — it's perfect for older dogs that need extra support for their joints (and comfortable for people to snuggle up on too!).

— $59.99 on Amazon


Sookie in petfusion blanket

Premium Pet Blanket by PetFusion — So cozy you'll want to steal it from your dog!

This microplush blanket looks and feels luxurious and is oh-so-soft, making it perfect to wrap around you and your dog for cuddles on the couch. Lightweight and machine-washable, this blanket can pull double-duty as part of your dog's bedding or as a crate cover or furniture cover. If you have a dog that likes to burrow and nest in blankets, this one is for you!

— $24.95 on Amazon

For the Dog Who Wants to Know Themselves

Embark Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification Kit

dog dna test breed identification kitEver wondered where your dog got their floppy ears? Or their love of digging? Knowing your dog's genetic makeup is not only fun, but also important in understanding their behavior and any genetic predispositions for health issues.

For years I called my previous dog a Husky-Corgi mix, but after sending in a cheek swab, I found out he was actually a Chow-Shepherd-Lhasa-Golden-Supermutt. It definitely explained some of his more cheeky quirks.

— $115 on Amazon


Best Gift for a New (or Seasoned) Dog Owner

101 Essential Tips — Dog Health & Safety

101 Essential Tips — Dog Behavior & Training

best dog training and health and safety books

A perfect gift for brand new dog owners and long-time dog people alike, these books provide life-saving and sanity-saving tips that make dog ownership easier. Fun and entertaining to read, you'll learn something new on every page!

— $11.95 on PreventiveVet.com


A Dog's Nose Knows

Snuffle Mat Nose Work Feeding Blanket

DIFFLIFE Snuffle Mat Nosework Blanket Dog Training Mats Dog Feeding Mat Pet Activity Mat Great for Stress Release

A snuffle mat is a great way to burn excess energy and slow down speedy eaters. My dog takes about ten to fifteen minutes to eat her breakfast kibble when it's spread throughout this blanket puzzle and then she's ready for a nice long nap afterwards. If you have a dog who needs some brain games, this is a great option!

— $49.99 on Amazon


For Fetch Sake

The BEST Fetch Stick

best fetch toy for dogs 

The PV pups here in the office will riot if we don't take them out for twice daily fetch recess, and the Best Fetch Stick is their favorite thing to retrieve. This stick is a safer alternative to regular wood sticks that can injure dogs during play, plus it's easy to see and easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors and three sizes — there's even a "baby" size for those toy breeds that want to get in on the fetching fun!

— from $19.99 on PreventiveVet.com


For the Techie Pooch

Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera


The Furbo camera combines the peace-of-mind from being able to keep an eye on your pup day or night (it's got night vision!), with the ability to toss treats using the Furbo app on your smartphone. It even has a bark alert, letting you know when your dog might be making a ruckus so you can calm them down via the built-in microphone. This is a must-have for pet parents whose pooches have separation anxiety or for those that simply want to be able to check in on their pup any time.

— $249 on Amazon


For the Love of Stuffie Toys

goDog Checkers the Flying Pig Dog Toy


goDog Flying Pig toyStuffed dog toys from goDog are an absolute necessity for dogs that love their stuffies — they're made with chew guard technology that holds up to intense chewers! I love this brand since my Corgi likes to find the seams of stuffed toys and surgically open them up to pull out the squeaker, but she's had a few different toys from goDog that have stayed intact for years now. Cute and tough, what more could you ask from a stuffie?

— $11.99 on Amazon


Best Dog Stocking Stuffer

KONG Classic

Kong Large

Stuff your dogs stocking with a KONG and then stuff the KONG with their Christmas dinner! This toy makes a great food puzzle, bounces around, and stands up to lots of chewing. This toy is used extensively by dog trainers everywhere to slow down eating, help with crate training, separation anxiety, and simply work out a dog's brain. 

— $12.99 on Amazon



For the Flirty Fido

Flirt Pole Dog Exercise Toy with Fleece Lures

Flirt Pole Dog Exercise Toy Bundle

What's a flirt pole, you ask? Well, it's basically a cat toy for dogs! Perfect for dogs that seem to have no "off switch", a flirt pole toy is a great way to burn energy quickly and easily. It's especially useful for training things like impulse control and 'leave it' for dogs that love to chase squirrels. 

— $28.99 on Amazon





Boredom Buster

The IQ Treat Mat by Hyper Pet


This licking mat from Hyper Pets is an easy way to entertain a bored dog. Simply spread a thin layer of peanut butter (xylitol-free of course!), greek yogurt, mashed banana, or your dog's wet food and freeze for a tasty treat and boredom buster in one. This also makes a great option for anxious dogs hanging out in their safe space during stressful events such as fireworks or holiday parties. Licking is a naturally calming behavior and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

— $14.95 on Amazon (2-pack)



For the Dogs of the Night

NiteHowl LED Safety Dog Necklace

NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace, Universal, Reusable Visibility Necklace for Pets

Stay safe during these dark winter evenings and early mornings by lighting up your dog on their walk. Available in a variety of colors (there's even a rainbow option!), this light up LED collar is one size fits all — just trim to the size you need. Go light up the night and make it easier for drivers and other pedestrians to see you and your dog.

— $9.59 on Amazon



Holiday Swag for Dapper Dogs

Christmas Festival Dog Collar Collection by Blueberry Pet

Christmas Festival Dog Collar Collection - Collars and Accessories for Dogs

If you've got pictures with Santa coming up for your pup, it's essential to get their holiday outfit just right. Blueberry Pet has lots of festive options for holiday collars, and even include removable "flair" like bowties, holly leaves, and a gingerbread man that you can slip on your pup's collar for their holiday party debut.

— $11.99 on Amazon



Who Doesn't Love Christmas Socks?

Cartoon Dog Cotton Crew Socks for Women 5-Pack

cute socks with dogs on themGetting a pair of socks for Christmas is just tradition ... no? Just my family? Well, these socks are so adorable that everyone will want to make socks for Christmas the next big thing. These Cartoon Dog Women's Socks are cozy, cute, fun, and perfect for padding around the house in pajamas or out and about.

— $10.99 on Amazon



Personalized Pet Face Photo Socks by MyPupSocks

personalized pet socks with your dogs face on them

Who doesn't want socks that show off your pup's gorgeous face? A great option for a new pair of dress socks that the dog-loving man in your life will love to show off at the office.

— $15.59 on Amazon




For The Friend That's Allergic to Dogs

"The Year of the Dogs" Photography Hardcover Vincent J. Musi

The year of dogs book

This gorgeous collection of dog photography makes a striking coffee table addition. Portraits taken by National Geographic photographer Vincent Musi, the accompanying stories of rescues, purebreds, puppies and senior dogs inspire laughter and love of the canines with whom we share our lives.

— Hardcover $26.95 on Amazon




For the Love of Dog Derrière

Dog Butt Magnets by Kikkerland

dog butt animal magnet gift

Can you tell the dog breed by their derrière? These dog butt magnets make me laugh every time I open my fridge, and the set comes with the ever-important fire hydrant as well. This makes a funny and quirky gift for the dog lover in your life.

— $26.95 on Amazon





Matching Loungewear for the Whole Family

Classic Navy Cotton/Polyester Pajamas by PajamaGram

Fleece Holiday Polar Bear Pajamas by PajamaGram

Matching Family Christmas and Holiday Pajamas Cozy

These matching pajamas include a pair for your dog (or cat!) and are a must for an adorable and cozy holiday morning together. Whether you go with the more classic year-round patterns or are looking for that holiday-themed set, PajamaGram has got you covered. 

— from $19.99 on Amazon


For Iconic Pups

Custom Pet Portrait from Crown & Paw

crown and paw

Want to immortalize your dog on an art masterpiece? Look no further than Crown & Paw. Simply choose from a variety of costumes and themes to find the best match for your dog's personality and upload a photo. You'll be sent a proof of your dog's portrait that you can then have printed on canvas, blankets, phone cases, and more!

— from $39.95 on Crown & Paw





For the Dog Who Never Stops Shedding

Roomba 675 Vacuum by iRobot

Roomba Robot Vacuum for pet hair with Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you've got someone on your list that's tired of sweeping or vacuuming up unwanted dog hair (hint: every dog owner ever), show them how much you care by gifting a robotic vacuum that does the work for them! This vacuum works on carpet and hard floors and runs for up to 90 minutes before docking itself to charge. 

— $229 on Amazon


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