dog play fetch resources

Fetch These Resources

Playing fetch is a great way to exercise your dog, practice important training skills, and strengthen your relationship through play — plus, it's fun! And, it can be taught indoors before you take the game outside.

Some dogs catch on to the idea of fetch and return quickly, while others need a bit of encouragement to actually bring the fetch toy back and drop it. Coach Cathy has created many of the resources below. Learn how to teach your dog to fetch, how to train a solid drop it, and what to do if your dog isn't interested in playing fetch. Let the games begin!

puppy running with stick in mouth

Why Sticks Are Not Free Toys For Dogs

Dogs can suffer significant pain and injuries from chasing and chewing sticks. There are safer fetch toys and tips to follow if your dog is injured. If your dog is injured from a stick follow these steps.

training your dog with toys

How to Use Toys as Rewards in Dog Training

It's easy and fun to use toys instead of food when training your dog. Learn how to effectively use toys in dog training, and see our dog trainer's picks for best dog toys for training.

How Your Body Language Can Affect Dog Behavior

Resources for Decoding Your Dog's Body Language

By understanding what different body language cues look like, you can keep dogs safe, train more efficiently, and build a better bond with your pup. Being able to ‘speak dog’ can help you recognize why a dog is behaving a certain way, which is the first step in changing any unwanted behavior.