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lets play fetch

Fetch These Resources

Playing fetch is a great way to exercise your dog, practice important training skills, and strengthen your relationship through play — plus, it's fun!

Some dogs catch on to the idea of fetch and return quickly, while others need a bit of encouragement to actually bring the fetch toy back and drop it. Check out the resources below to learn how to teach your dog to fetch, how to train a solid drop it, and what to do if your dog isn't interested in playing fetch.

dog playing fetch
Teaching Your Dog How to Play Fetch
getting your dog to drop it
Teaching Your Dog "Drop It"
How to Get Your Dog Interested in Fetch
how to choose the best fetch toy for your dog
Choosing the Best Fetch Toys for Your Dog
why sticks are not dog toys
Why Sticks Aren't Free Dog Toys
best fetch stick new color-1
The Best Fetch Stick for Dogs
dog boat safety
Playing Fetch on the Water
How to Use Toys as Rewards in Dog Training
how to phase out food treats for dog training
How to Phase Out Food Treats in Dog Training
Decoding Dog Body Language Resources