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thanksgiving holiday pet safety resources

Getting Your Pet Ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with our loved ones — and of course that includes our pets, too! The stream of houseguests might make some pets anxious or stressed. Other pets just love to stick their noses in guest's bags to see what tasty "treats" they might find. Read on for ways to prevent your pet from door dashing or counter surfing, and tips on how to keep your guest's belongings safe from prying pet noses.

Learn more about what holiday foods can be dangerous for your dogs and cats, and find healthier alternatives. With some simple preparation, you can help your dog or cat stay safe and enjoy the holidays, and we're positive you'll be thankful that you did!

thanksgiving pet safety
Thanksgiving Safety for Dogs and Cats
pet holiday safety illo
Pet Safety: When Houseguests Come to Visit
safe bones for my dog
Which Bones are Safe for my Dog?
prevent door darting
How to Stop Your Dog From Door Dashing

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safe puppy spot
How to Set Up a Safe Space for Your Dog
Do not pull anything out of your cat or dog's butt, linear foreign bodies can be very dangerous
Cats & Strings, a Dangerous Combination!
stop your dog from counter surfing
How to Stop Your Dog From Counter Surfing
Suffocation Story Max
Be Aware: Pet Suffocation Happens More Often Than You Think
Keep Your Dog Safe With 6 Important Behavior Skills

Essential Dog and Cat Health and Safety Tip Books

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