Puppy Socialization: 100 new things in 100 days

Socializing your dog means helping them become comfortable with everything in their environment — not just other dogs. Ideally, your new dog should SAFELY experience (at least) 100 new things in their first 100 days, regardless of their age. All of these new experiences need to be positive and rewarding to achieve the desired effect, so make sure to do these exposures at your pup’s pace and always with an eye on their safety and emotional comfort level. If an object or person is stressing your dog, or your pace is too fast, stop, reassess your plan, and talk with a trainer. The potential emotional trauma from “socialization done wrong” isn’t worth it.

The list of things to socialize your dog to ranges from the vacuum, doorbell, and stairs (or elevator) to umbrellas, skateboards, and even people wearing hats! There’s also the wide variety of different flooring and surfaces (tile, wood, pavement, grass) your dog will be walking on. And don’t forget about people of all different races, ages, and heights, too! See below for a “100” checklist you can use with your dog, as well as the steps and tips to help you do their socialization right.

free puppy socialization app - pupstanding

Socialize Your Puppy with the Pupstanding App

Socialization is the most important thing you can do with your new puppy. Use Preventive Vet's free Pupstanding smartphone app to help your puppy learn that new people, sounds, textures, and being handled are all things not to worry about!

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Do Dogs Need a Daily Routine?

A daily routine is important not only for puppy potty training but also to prevent behavior issues such as separation anxiety. Learn more about how to introduce a routine to your dog.

keep your training sessions short and sweet

Short and Sweet Training Sessions

Behaviors take time to learn; your puppy will learn faster with short sessions and positive repetitions. Learn how shorter training sessions can make training fun and give your puppy time to learn.

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