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Getting Your Pet Ready for the 4th of July

July 4th fireworks can cause stress and anxiety in our pets, and many pets go missing and get lost in their efforts to escape the noise. Luckily, with some preparation, you can help your dog or cat acclimate to the sound of fireworks, address any noise phobia with medication or supplements, and make sure your home is safe and secure. The resources below offer insights and how-to's to prepare your home and pet for the fireworks celebrations, along with recommended products for helping your pet on the 4th of July.

Getting Your Dog Ready for the 4th of July
Why You SHOULDN'T Use Acepromazine for Cats and Dogs with Fireworks or Thunderstorm Fears
How To Set Up a Safe Space for Your Dog
4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #2
Fireworks Sounds for Desensitization
4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #1
4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #3
4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #4
6 Tips for Finding Your Lost Dog
Lost Cat: How to Prevent It and What To Do If It Happens
Free Download: Lost Pet Poster
Decoding Dog Body Language Resources
Cat in a Box-350
What To Do If You Find a Lost Cat
Dog Outside Grass-350
What To Do If You Find a Lost Dog
Keep Your Dog Safe With 6 Important Behavior Skills

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