Helpful Products for Separation Anxiety Treatment

separation anxiety help for dogs

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Below are some of our trainer-approved recommended products that can be helpful in supporting the treatment of your dog's separation anxiety. None of these are meant to be the magical "fix" for separation anxiety, but they can help you with video monitoring during systematic desensitization and reduce stress to make your behavior modification more effective.

Pet Cameras for Monitoring Separation Anxiety

Wyze Pan Cam with SD Card
wyze cam pan with sd card
The Wyze Cam Pan cameras are affordable and a popular option – and the panning and tilting options often mean that you don't need to invest in more than one camera to be able to see the whole room. But the whirring sound of the pan and tilt movements can distract your dog. It's also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.
Google Nest Cam
product google nest cam
The Nest Cam from Google offers a continuous recording option with a subscription. These cameras will sync seamlessly with other Google Home products. One of the best features of a Nest Cam is the 1080p night vision, allowing for nighttime or low-light recordings.
Blink Mini Camera
blink pet camera

If you love connecting your home electronics through Alexa, these cameras can be a good option. If you plan on using Blink Mini cameras during your dog's separation anxiety treatment, then you will need the subscription plan (sold separately) in order to record your live practice sessions and save your videos. The subscription plans offer live view recording instead of just motion-sensor recording, which is why I've included it in my recommendations.

There is an option to record directly to a USB flash drive, but you have to purchase both the sync module and flash drive separately — and this storage option does not allow for live recording.

Calming Tools, Supplements, and Homeopathic Options

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine
Snooz white noise sound machine
You can always mask any outside noises by having a fan or sound machine running for white noise. I use the SNOOZ white noise machine for my dogs' safe space (and at nighttime for myself). I like this option because I can easily change the pitch of white noise and control it remotely from the product app.
Adaptil Calming Pheromone Plug-In Diffuser
Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Kit
Plugging in a pheromone diffuser like the one by Adaptil near your dog's safe space may help immensely. This synthetic version of pheromones released by a mother dog during nursing can encourage a sense of calm.
Calmer Canine tPEMF Device
product calmer canine anxiety treatment device
A recent product on the market for dog anxiety, Calmer Canine® uses targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to help an anxious brain return to a balanced emotional state. The studies so far are promising. Our team members have used this for their own dogs, and I often recommend it as an alternative to prescription medications.
Thundershirt Calming Shirt
product thundershirt dog anxiety jacket
While developed specifically for calming dogs who suffer from noise anxiety, this calming shirt may be helpful in reducing separation distress. Be sure not to only put it on your dog when you're getting ready to leave them alone, as it can then become a predictor of your absence.
VetriScience Composure
product VetriScience Laboratories Composure Calming Support for Dogs
This calming supplement from VetriScience promotes relaxed behavior during stressful events, like when a dog is left alone.
NutraMax Solliquin Calming Treats
product Solliquin Behavior Supplement for Dogs and Cats
These chewables help support normal behavior and can facilitate a calming effect.
Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules
product vetoquinol zylkene capsules
This non-drowsy nutritional supplement helps promote a sense of calm.
Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets
product bach rescue remedy for pets
 Rescue Remedy® Pet was developed to help ease the anxiety associated with separation, travel, noise, and stressful events. It contains a blend of five flower essences (Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Start of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum). While there is limited scientific data on its effectiveness for dogs, it is very popular with many pet owners.