Xylitol Awareness

Xylitol Awareness

Preventive Vet has championed awareness about the dangers of xylitol for dogs since 2015. Our articles and social posts reached millions worldwide, and our FDA and product manufacturers petitions garnered thousands of signatures, advocating to include warnings on product packaging.

Over the years we have influenced manufacturers to change their labeling and/or ingredient list voluntarily.

The bi-partisan Paws Off Act of 2021 (HR 5261)

This Paws Off Act, introduced by Representatives David Schweikert and Greg Stanton, better informs pet owners of the risk and presence of xylitol in everyday products like sugar-free gum, mints, vitamins, sugar-free desserts, peanut butter, and more. This legislation would require food containing xylitol to include a warning label outlining its toxic effects on pets.

We need your support.

You can support the Paws Off Act of 2021 (HR 5261) by going here and completing the newest petition.
See more about the bill here.

Please help protect pets from xylitol poisoning by supporting the Paws Off Act today! If you have experience helping a patient poisoned by xylitol or similar human food ingredients, please include your story in (your) petition letter.

To keep abreast of developments, get alerts, and participate in additional veterinary and animal advocacy, become an advocate of Embrace Advocacy.

For a list of over 700 household products that contain xylitol, check out our Xylitol Products List, and please help us keep it up to date.

Check out more of our xylitol resources and download our free xylitol poster.