Xylitol Awareness

Xylitol Awareness Petitions

Dog lovers everywhere need — and deserve — to know about the danger that xylitol poses to dogs. Our dogs count on us to keep them safe, we should be able to count on product manufacturers.

We've already gotten two companies to add greater awareness and information to their product labeling. With your help we can encourage more (ideally all) manufacturers to do the right thing and help us keep our dogs safe.

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The changes we’re asking for on labels will help tremendously by:

1) Helping people know the importance of keeping xylitol-containing products out of their dog’s reach, and of not intentionally sharing any xylitol-containing foods (certain peanut butters, ice creams, yogurts, etc.) with their dogs.

2) Ensuring that people know to seek immediate veterinary or poison control help if their dog ever does get into a xylitol-containing product (dogs do not discriminate when they scavenge, so accidents can happen)

3) Providing the critical information vets need to know to quickly determine what level of treatment is necessary for a dog that has gotten into a xylitol-containing product, based on the amount of xylitol they've consumed. (This is the importance of disclosing the xylitol concentration clearly in the Nutrition Facts section of the product label.)

Open Letter to Food

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Letter to the Food &
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