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PETITION: Xylitol Product Manufacturers

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To all manufacturers of products containing xylitol,

We the undersigned request that you begin including on your product packaging the awareness and information that will help keep dogs everywhere safe from the serious hazards that xylitol poses to them. Although xylitol has been shown to be safe for people, many studies and much clinical evidence has shown that xylitol is highly toxic to dogs — even in very small amounts.

In dogs, ingestion of as little as 0.1 gram of xylitol per kilogram body weight (0.1g/kg) — a truly tiny dose — can cause a rapid and life-threatening drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), resulting in staggering, seizures, coma, and even death. While a dog unfortunate enough to ingest just 0.5g/kg — still a very small dose — is at risk of suffering from acute hepatic necrosis, a devastating, expensive, and frequently fatal form of liver failure. *If you’re not yet aware of this danger, you can learn more here about the problems xylitol causes for dogs (and those of us who love and care for them).

We appreciate that your products often aren’t intended for dogs. However, as the sheer number of cases that are called into animal poison control hotlines and seen in veterinary hospitals each year demonstrates, and as anyone who has ever had a dog can tell you, dogs often eat things that aren't intended for them. Such “dietary indiscretions” are very dangerous for dogs when they involve xylitol, given both how potent and fast-acting xylitol is as a stimulator of insulin release in this species, as well as the dangerous lack of awareness of this hazard throughout the pet owning and pet loving communities.

To help overcome this lack of crucial awareness and help best protect the dogs of the world, we are requesting from you a commitment to:

  1. Include xylitol weight per serving size on your Nutrition Facts label (or total xylitol per unit for non-food products that contain xylitol)
  2. Include an “alert” on your product packaging that clearly shows that the product should be kept away from dogs
  3. Include a clear and unambiguous statement on your website (product pages and/or FAQs) about the danger that xylitol poses to dogs

Dog lovers everywhere need — and deserve — to know about this danger. We need it in order to best protect and care for our pets. Our dogs count on us, we are hoping we can count on you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.     

Dog Lovers Everywhere



Manufacturers who want to contact Preventive Vet

With our veterinary and marketing expertise we have spent much time and effort putting together standards, copy suggestions, and even graphical warning symbols for product packaging. These are available at no cost to those companies who are wanting to take action and provide their customers with xylitol awareness. Contact us.
We're eager and happy to help you show your corporate responsibility and concern for pets.