puppy socialization resources - fireworks

Puppy Socialization Resources: Fireworks

Fireworks are an all-too-common noise phobia for many dogs. Luckily, with some preparation, you can help your puppy acclimate to the sound of fireworks and bounce back quickly when they are startled by the booms and bangs. Start introducing the sounds of fireworks in a positive and controlled way as early as you can — don't wait until July 3rd or New Year's Eve Eve to practice!

Start by playing the sounds of fireworks at a very low volume, while your puppy is enjoying a delicious stuffed toy or eating their meal. Watch for any signs of stress or fear of the sound. If their body language is relaxed, you can slightly increase the volume of the fireworks, or simply keep it at the low volume for the rest of the session. Do this for twenty to thirty minutes at a time, once a day. Start low and go slow! If they show fear or stress to the sounds of fireworks, decrease the volume or stop the session and try again later.

If there is a loud fireworks BOOM and your puppy notices or startles to it, take advantage of this opportunity to train some coping skills and resiliency. BOOM! = "Good dog!" + yummy treats fall from the sky

There will be loud sounds that will startle your dog throughout their life, but having practice bouncing back from being startled will go a long way in reducing stress and preventing noise phobias from developing.The resources below offer insights and how-to's to prepare your home and dog for the fireworks celebrations, along with recommended products for helping your pet relax.

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By understanding what different body language cues look like, you can keep dogs safe, train more efficiently, and build a better bond with your pup. Being able to ‘speak dog’ can help you recognize why a dog is behaving a certain way, which is the first step in changing any unwanted behavior.

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4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #1

4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip

4th of July Pet Prep Quick Tip #2

Fireworks Desensitizing Sounds

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Recommended Medications and Supplements:

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