Senior black dog with white fur on face

Yappy Hour: Senior Dog Care Product Recommendations

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Find the list of products mentioned during April's Yappy Hour about caring for senior dogs below. Dr. Stephanie Austin and certified dog trainer Cathy Madson shared their favorite product picks for helping senior pets get around more comfortably, improve quality of life, and proactive measures such as supplements and fitness options.

If you missed this month's Yappy Hour, you can watch it and previous episodes here.

Ultra Paws Dog Boots
Ultra paws dog boots

These boots are lightweight and water resistant, making them a good option for senior dogs who need some traction or paw protection while out on walks or indoors.

PAWZ Waterproof Disposable Dog Boots
pawz dog boots

Pro Tip: If your senior dog is wearing these booties indoors for increased traction, punch a couple of holes in the bottom to provide airflow for their paw pads.

Musher's Secret Paw Protection Wax

Dr. Austin mentioned Musher's Secret as a good paw pad balm to help senior dog's paw pad health and increase stability while navigating slippery floors.

Help 'Em Up Harness
Mikey Bear in Help Em Up Harness

The Help 'Em Up Harness is often sold through a veterinary office but can also be purchased online. Dr. Austin used this with her senior Lab to help her get up into the car, and Cathy used this with her Corgi mix, Mikey (pictured) after his back surgery.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs
Sookie and her Pet Stairs

There are lots of pet stair and ramp options depending on the height and portability needed for your dog's use. Cathy's dog, Sookie, has multiple of these Easy Steps around the home.

Ottomanson Carpet Runner 20"x59"
ottomanson carpet runner

Cathy ordered multiple of these affordable carpet runners to create the "Corgi speedway" so her senior dog can play and run without slipping. Be sure to add sticky tape or use a rug pad to prevent them from sliding if your dog likes to run or make sharp turns while playing.

Enrichment Puzzles for Senior Dogs

PAW5 Snuffle Mat
paw5 wooly snuffle mat

This snuffle mat is a great way to create an "indoor sniffari," slow down eating, and provide lots of mental stimulation for senior dogs. You can also make your own snuffle mat if you're feeling crafty — learn how here.

West Paw Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Food Toy
West Paw Zogoflex Toppl Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Puzzle

This "stuff-able" food toy is Cathy's favorite and is a great choice if you're introducing puzzle toys or interactive feeders to your senior dog, or if they are easily frustrated by more difficult puzzles.

Kong Classic for Senior Dogs
Kong senior

The senior version of the Kong Classic is made from a softer rubber which is gentler on their teeth and gums.

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Licking Mat
hyper pet iq treat mat

Smear some of your dog's wet food or dog-safe peanut butter on this treat mat to create a soothing and enriching activity. Licking is naturally calming for dogs. Freeze before giving to your dog for a longer experience.

Taking Your Senior Dog Out and About

If your senior dog can't keep up or tires quickly while on long walks, hikes, or other excursions, that doesn't mean they can't still tag along!

K9 Sport Sack Air Plus Dog Carrier Backpack
k9 sport sack dog carrier backpack

This backpack is what Cathy uses with her Corgis. She loves it because her dogs can face the same direction as her and it's made to be well-balanced while out on walks or hikes.

Pet Gear Expedition Large Dog Stroller
pet gear large dog expedition stroller

For larger dogs that just won't fit in a backpack, this stroller allows them to go where you go and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells.

Supplements for Senior Dogs

Here are the supplements that Dr. Austin and Cathy use for their senior dogs:

Wild One Supplements
Wild One Flex Supplement

Dr. Austin loves that these supplements use ingredients she recognizes. The Flex supplement is formulated for joint and mobility support.

WINPRO Mobility Blood Protein Soft Chew
winpro blood protein supplements for dogs - mobility

Cathy gives her senior Corgi these every morning for joint support.

Grizzly Omega-3 Fish Oil
grizzly omega 3 health fish oil

Cathy adds fish oil to Sookie's meals to get in essential Omega-3's that have multiple benefits, including skin and coat health, heart health, and cognitive support.

Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews
nutramax dasuquin chews

Dasuquin is a well-known and popular joint health supplement.

Fitness & Conditioning Products

There are fantastic virtual resources to learn about fitness and conditioning exercises you can do at home with your dog. Conditioning can help aging dogs by maintaining or building healthy muscle mass, strength, balance, and proprioception (body awareness). Consult with your veterinarian before beginning fitness or conditioning exercises at home with your dog. They can give you specific instructions regarding what exercises to begin with and even refer you to a rehab vet or certified canine fitness instructor.

Some great virtual classes for learning about canine fitness and conditioning can be found at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Karen Pryor Academy, or with Lori Stevens of Seattle TTouch.

Below are the product examples Cathy showed during Yappy Hour. FitPAWS and TotoFit are two of the most popular "dog-specific" conditioning product lines. These brands also offer varying sizes for larger breed dogs. However, often the human versions of these items are more affordable if you have a small or medium-sized dog.

FitPAWS Balance Disc for Dogs 56 cm
FitPAWS blue balance disc
Trideer Balance Disc (human equivalent)
Trideer Balance disc
FitPAWS Balance Pad for Dogs
FitPAWS balance pad
ProsourceFit Balance Pad (human equivalent)
Prosourcefit balance pad

Dental Care Products for Senior Dogs

Vetriscience Perio Support Powder
Vetriscience Perio Support for dogs and cats

This powder is added to your dog's food to support dental health.

Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel
Oratene brushless toothpaste gel

This enzymatic toothpaste is great for senior dogs who aren't used to having their teeth brushed, as it works without the brushing.

Oratene Antiseptic Oral Care Gel
Oratene antiseptic enzymatic gel

This gel contains a potent enzyme that aids in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. It soothes and relieves inflamed gums.