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Calculate the Daily Amount of Water Your Dog or Cat Needs

Ensuring your pet stays properly hydrated is essential for their overall health and well-being, but, it can be hard to know how much water they need. We we created these calculators to make it easier for you to ensure your dogs and cats are getting the right amount of water to keep them healthy.


If you are concerned about your pet's hydration, there are clinical symptoms to check for such as dry, tacky, and/or pale mucous membranes of the gums, sunken eyes, increased heart rate, and the presence of a 'skin tent.'

To assess for a 'skin tent,' gently elevate the skin and fur at the nape of the dog's neck. This test is slightly harder to perform on cats, as their skin has more elasticity (unless they are older). For best results, it may be easiest to perform on a cat's skin and fur over the shoulder blades.

If the skin does not promptly return to its original position, it suggests dehydration. In moderate to severe cases, the skin remains elevated in a tented position.

This condition is particularly concerning in puppies & kittens, seniors, or pets with pre-existing health conditions. If you have any concerns at all, it is always best to have your pet evaluated by their veterinarian.

Questions? To chat with a veterinarian about your pet's hydration, Click here

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