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Products to Help Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Summer means it's heating up! Check out our top product picks for keeping your dog cool when temperatures rise.

For tips on how to use these products and other ways to keep your dog cool and hydrated, read our blog How to Keep Your Dog Cool During Hot Weather.

Dog Cooling Vests and Mats

Dogs don't cool down by sweating like people do. Using a dog cooling vest or collar can help lower their body temperature. Wet down the vest with cool water, wring it out so it's damp, and then put on your dog! Check it regularly throughout the day to ensure it stays damp and doesn't dry out.

Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest for Dogs (more styles available on Ruffwear)
ruffwear jet stream cooling coat for dogs

Hurtta Cooling Dog Jacket
Hurtta cooling coat for dogs

If your dog doesn't like wearing clothes, cooling mats or blankets are where it's at! These are great options if you don't have cool tile floors, to use in your dog's crate or in the car after a trip to the park on a warm day.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat
the green pet shop dog cooling mat
PetFusion Premium Dog Cooling Blanket
petfusion cooling blanket for dogs

Fans & Water Misters

If you don't have air conditioning, setting up fans and mister accessories can go a long way in keeping you and your dog cool and comfortable.

RYOBI Hybrid Portable Fan with Battery and Charger Kit
ryobi portable fan with battery

HomeNote Fan Misting Kit
homenote fan misting kit

Attach this mister to any existing outdoor fan

Portable Water Mister
portable water mister for dogs

Indoor/Outdoor Oscillating Mister Fan
indoor outdoor misting fan

MistCooling 10x10 Canopy with Misting System
canopy with misters

Outdoor Shade Options

If you want some quality outdoor time but don't have lots of shade in your yard or on your patio, these options are perfect for you.

Shade & Beyond Sun Sail Shade Canopy
Shade & Beyond sun sail canopy for shade
Crowns Shades 10x10' Pop-Up Canopy
Crowns 10x10 pop up canopy
Be Cool Solutions Aluminet Shade Cloth
be cool solutions aluminet shade cloth

Cooling Dog Cots

Elevating your dog's resting spot helps keep them cooler by allowing more airflow. Place a cold, damp towel or pan of ice underneath, or wet down the ground below for an even better cooling effect. Pop on a canopy to add shade to your dog's raised bed.

Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed with Removable Canopy
Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed with Removable Canopy
Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' Dog Bed with Removable Canopy
floppy dawg elevated pet bed with canopy

Pools and Water Fun for Dogs

It isn't summer without some fun in the water! Dog pools and water fun is a must. And to keep your dog hydrated, make sure there are plenty of easily-accessible water bowls or fountains with fresh water.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool
jasonwell collapsible dog pool

Non-Slip Splash Pad for Dogs
non-slip splash pad for kids and dogs

H20 Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer
automatic waterer for dogs attach to hose

Lixit Faucet Attachment for Dogs
Lixit Faucet Waterer for Dogs

Trio Gato Outdoor Step-On Dog Water Fountain
trio gato dog activated water sprinkler

Cool Down with Frozen Dog Treats

Make your own pupsicles by using treat molds, give your dog a chilly snack with a licking mat, or freeze your dog's meal in an interactive feeder.

Silicone Dog Treat Molds
silicone mold for dog treats

West Paw Toppl Interactive Feeder
West Paw Toppl Interactive Feeder

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Lick Mat
calming lick mat for dogs

Water On-the-Go

Headed out and about with your pup? Make sure to bring along a dedicated dog water bottle and bowl for an easy way to keep them hydrated.

Tuff Pupper PupFlask with Strap & Holder
tuff pupper pupflask water bottle

Bonza Collapsible Dog Water Bowl
Bonza collapsible large dog water bowl

Sun Protection for Dogs

Dogs can get sunburned just like us, so it's essential to provide good sun protection, whether with adorable UPF clothing or doggie sunscreen. (Don't use human sunscreen for dogs – it's toxic!)

Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray
epi pet sun protector sunscreen for dogs

PlayaPup Dog Sun Protective Lightweight Solid Shirts, UPF 50+
PlayaPup Dog Sun Protective Lightweight Solid Shirts, UPF 50 Plus

Louie de Coton Limited Edition Pet Cooling Sun Shirt with UPF50+
Louie de Coton Made in USA Limited Edition Cooling Sun Shirt with UPF50 Plus

Doggles Originalz Dog Goggles
doggles originalz dog goggles

Check out Daisy rocking her Doggles while out and about in this video: