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boxer puppy nipping and biting leg

Recommended Products for Nipping Puppies

When it comes to puppy nipping and biting, having some helpful tools in your toolkit will help save your hands (and clothes) from becoming your puppy's teething target. Preventive Vet's certified dog trainer and behavior consultant, Cathy Madson, shares her top picks for toys, treats, and chews to help with your nipping puppy.

Combine these with teaching your puppy appropriate behaviors, such as drop it and leave it, to set your puppy up for success.

Safety Note: As with all chews and toys, supervise your puppy to ensure their safety. Throw away chews before they are small enough to swallow. Toys should be sized appropriately for your puppy so they cannot be choked on or swallowed, and throw away toys when they become damaged. 

Edible Dog Chews

Give your puppy something enticing to put their teeth on that isn't your hands! Bully sticks are a great option but should always be supervised when your puppy is chewing.

To help prevent choking on or swallowing the bully stick, use a bully stick holder. Or use a rawhide alternative, such as the one featured below.

Barkworthies Odor-Free 12" Bully Sticks (5-pack)
barkworthies odor free bully sticks
Bully Grip Bully Stick Holder
bully grip bully stick holder
Earth Animal No Hide Chews
Earth Animal No Hide Chews

Best Toys and Enrichment for Teething Puppies

Puppies that are teething often find relief by chewing on chilled toys. Make sure you're providing much-needed enrichment activities that help satisfy your pup's natural instinct to chew. For puppies with lots of energy that like to nip during play, channel that into using a flirt pole and keep your hands safe in the process!

Petstages Cool Teething Stick Dog Toy
Petstages Cool Teething Stick Dog Toy

Kong Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy – Pink or Blue
puppy teething chew toy

West Paw Toppl Interactive Feeder
West Paw Toppl Interactive Feeder

KONG Puppy Chew Toy
KONG Puppy Chew Toy

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Lick Mat
dog licking mat

Spread a bit of your dog's wet food, peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, or low-fat greek yogurt on this mat to provide a soothing enrichment activity.

Difflife Snuffle Mat
difflife snuffle mat for dogs

This snuffle mat provides a variety of hiding spots for dry food or treats, encouraging your dog to use their nose to find their meal and helping to slow down eating.

Squishy Face Flirt Pole with 2 Fleece Lures
squishy face flirt pole

Melissa and Doug Life-Sized Stuffed Husky
stuffed husky dog

Perfect for the "Karl Hack" where your puppy gets to practice normal nipping and biting behaviors with an appropriate target.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Bone Peanut Butter
Nylabone Puppy Freezer Chew Dog Bone

PetSafe Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin Dog Toy
PetSafe Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin Dog Toy

Top Treats for Puppy Training

To keep your fingers in one piece, use a squeeze-tube for giving treat rewards to your puppy. Simply fill the tube with peanut butter (mixed with water for easier delivery) or use your puppy's wet food. This trick also encourages licking for treats rather than snapping for them.

Well Mannered Dog Training Food Tube
well mannered dog treat tube
Crazy Richard's All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
all natural peanut butter safe for dogs
Zuke's Puppy Naturals Dog Treats
Zukes Puppy Naturals Dog Treats
Charlee Bear Crunchy Dog Treats
Charlee Bear Dog Treats
Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food (2.2 lbs)
ziwi peak dog food treats

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