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For over 10 years, we have been dedicated to helping pets and supporting veterinarians through the development of medically and behaviorally accurate educational material. Our focus is preventive education, safety, and overall mental well-being for pets.

Veterinary practices utilize our client education resources in puppy and kitten packs, as wellness plan perks, in awareness and social campaigns, in digital discharge notes, and more. Our books are also available for resale in your veterinary practice.

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"These books are a great educational tool that allows clients to have a valid informational piece in their hands when they walk out the door. Hopefully it avoids some of the Dr. Google searches that misinform clients. This helps my staff and myself be more efficient in exam rooms without spending hours overwhelming new pet owners with information! I love the easy to understand format and my clients do too!" — Tammy Stevenson, DVM, practice owner

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Featured Resources

  1. Pet InfoRx – digital discharge notes
  2. Pet InfoRx – in Spanish
  3. Welcome Packs – get free book samples
  4. Pupstanding Academy – virtual dog training for clients
  5. Digital 101 Tips Books – get free web-books
  6. VIDEO: cone desensitization for dogs

Featured Tools

  1. Diphenhydramine dosage calculator
  2. List of 700+ household products containing xylitol
  3. Dog weight calorie calculator
  4. Mobile App for Puppy Socialization

How Veterinary Practices Are Using the 101 Essential Tips Books

paw iconPuppy & Kitten Packs

Give your new puppy and kitten owners the wealth of information they need and won't throw out!

veterinarian iconWellness Plans

Reward your clients for investing in their pet’s wellness.

new client iconNew Clients

Welcome and bond your new clients with a gift they'll appreciate.

thumbs up iconPrize Giveaways

Offer a unique and enticing prize for social media marketing campaigns, open houses, community events, and more.

gift iconThank You Gifts

Show your appreciation to your VIP clients, those who refer friends and family, and other special clients.

money iconResale

Turn a profit. Sell the book to your clients and other local pet owners.