puppy socialization resources - surfaces

Puppy Socialization Resources: Surfaces

Introducing different kinds of surfaces and tactile experiences to your puppy will help them be more comfortable in a variety of environments. From the feel of a bathtub under their paws to smooth concrete floors to rocks or sand, having experience standing and walking on these different surfaces helps build body awareness. By knowing how it feels to stand and walk on various textures, your puppy can become more confident and sure-footed.

When introducing your puppy to new surfaces, keep it positive and fun! Never force them onto a surface that they are cautious about — simply reward any approach or interest in the new surface and allow them to explore it at their own pace. When introducing unstable surfaces, make sure that your puppy feels supported and you are there to help them learn how to adjust their body weight as needed. Check out the videos below to see examples of introducing puppies to new surfaces and tactile experiences.

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