Puppy Socialization and Proactive Exposure Training Resources

puppy socialization

Properly Socializing Your Puppy

Your puppy is constantly learning about the big wide world, and it's important to provide them with positive experiences with a variety of sounds, people, animals, surfaces, and handling while they're young, so they have less fear later on in life. This is called Proactive Exposure Training (or Socialization). Start "low and slow, short and sweet" when beginning this process with your pup, meaning low volume for sounds, further distance from people or other animals, and slowly increasing the duration of the interaction depending on your dog's reaction.

Being able to read your dog's body language can help you evaluate how they are feeling about what is going on around them. Visit our Decoding Dog Body Language Resource Page for books, videos, and other resources for learning how to "speak dog."

Below you'll find more resources to help you socialize and condition your puppy.

OVERVIEW: Early Puppy Socialization — Advice, Research, and Power Tips
OVERVIEW: How to Socialize Your Puppy
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting Other Puppies
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting Adult Dogs
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting Children
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting Your Cat
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting Your Vet
INTRODUCTIONS: Puppy Meeting New People
TOUCH: Teach Your Puppy to Love Being Handled
TOUCH: Teach Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle
TOUCH: Conditioning Your Dog to Love Nail Trimming
TACTILE: Different Objects and Surfaces
TACTILE: Mirror and Other Novel Objects
COUNTER CONDITIONING: What to Do if Your Puppy Shows Fear or Reactivity
COUNTER CONDITIONING: How to Counter Condition and Desensitize Your Dog
SOUND: Fireworks
SOUND: Squeaky Toys
SOUND: Road and Traffic Noise
SOUND: Garbage Truck
SOUND: Crying Baby
SOUND: Thunderstorm
SOUND: Doorbell
SOUND: Door Knocking
SOUND: Hair Dryer
SOUND: Hair Clippers
SOUND: Dog Noises
SOUND: Airplanes
SOUND: Vacuum Cleaner
SOUND: Downtown City Noise
SOUND: 8 Hours of Dog Music with Sounds for Desensitization
SOUND: Playlist of Different Sounds for Puppy Habituation With Instructions

Other Socialization Resources:

Check out our free Pupstanding Puppy Socialization App. Not only does it have sounds to help slowly introduce your pup to new things, but it also helps guide you through other important puppy socialization introductions.

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