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Your Puppy at 8 Weeks

  • Your puppy's adjustment period
  • Getting started with socialization
  • Pros and cons of pee pad training
  • Making vet visits less stressful
  • Vaccine timing
  • Puppy proofing and more

Your Puppy at 9 Weeks

  • Getting started with crate training
  • Establishing a routine
  • How to pick the right puppy class
  • Getting started with training using a marker word
  • Vaccines needed for puppy classes

Your Puppy at 10 Weeks

  • Puppy socialization stages
  • When puppy daycare is an option
  • Teaching your dog name recognition
  • Nail trimming tips
  • Interactive food puzzles and more

Your Puppy at 11 Weeks

  • Should you let your puppy sleep in bed with you?
  • The important 16-week socialization window
  • Setting up a long-term confinement area
  • How to choose the right trainer
  • Staying positive and more

Your Puppy at 12 Weeks

  • Learning to speak your puppy's language
  • Baby shark week is every week in a puppy household.
  • Learn how to stop the nipping.
  • Training the "touch" cue
  • How to teach your puppy to use a doorbell or bells when they have to go potty, and more

Your Puppy at 13 Weeks

  • Preventing resource guarding
  • Playing tug without encouraging aggression
  • Socializing your puppy to thunder
  • Using a snuffle mat as a brain game
  • Choosing non-toxic toys and more

Your Puppy at 14 Weeks

  • Different types of barking
  • How your body language can affect your puppy
  • Say it, don't spray it, when correcting a behavior
  • Teaching your puppy the "leave it" cue
  • What your puppy's poo can tell you about their health, and more

Your Puppy at 15 Week

  • Coming to the end of the socialization window
  • How to greet a dog the right way
  • Introducing your puppy to children
  • Leash walking etiquette
  • How to use "yes" in training
  • Making bath time fun, and more

Your Puppy at 16 Weeks

  • Using other rewards if your pup isn't food motivated
  • The teething continues
  • Keeping your cues consistent
  • Mosquitoes and heartworm disease
  • Treat recipe: Homemade Fluffernutter Kisses
  • Veggies that you can share with your dog, and more

Your Puppy at 4 Months

  • Your puppy is ready for (appropriate) play with friends
  • The colors your dog sees best
  • Teach come when called
  • Getting your puppy prepared for the "cone of shame"
  • Why some peanut butters are safer than others
  • Alternatives to cones, and more

Your Puppy at 4-5 Months

  • The humpty dance
  • Teaching your puppy that it's ok to spend time alone
  • Training an emergency recall
  • When to switch from puppy to adult food
  • How to choose the right chew toys for your pup's chewing style
  • How to wash dog toys safely, and more

Your Puppy at 5 Months

  • Socializing older puppies
  • Finding training opportunities throughout the day
  • Preventing door dashing
  • When to consider spay/neuter
  • Why mother nature makes bad toys
  • Using gates to stop puppy jumping, and more

Your Puppy at 5-6 Months

  • Playing tug
  • Put an end to destructive chewing
  • Using treats to train without bribing
  • Training "stay"
  • Preventing car sickness
  • Caring for your dog's coat, and more

Your Puppy at 6 Months

  • Your dog is a teenager, now what?
  • Dealing with "bad" behavior
  • Training "go to place"
  • Dealing with mats
  • What are dewclaws and do dogs need them?
  • What you should know about grain-free food, and more

Your Puppy at 6-7 Months

  • Why dogs eat poop
  • An important time to focus on training recall
  • Training your dog to stop using
  • potty pads
  • When your dog's anal glands act up
  • Tips for keeping a dog out of the cat's litter box
  • Nuts you shouldn't let your dog near, and more

Your Puppy at 7 Months

  • Tips for bathing your dog at home
  • Reasons your dog isn't doing what you want
  • Why anesthesia is necessary for dental cleanings
  • Essentials for hiking with your dog
  • The dangers of ruby chocolate, and more

Your Puppy at 7-8 Months

  • Keep your dog calm and carry on
  • Dealing with digging
  • Holding off before going on runs together
  • DIY food tube puzzle, and more

Your Puppy at 8 Months

  • Pros and cons of board and trains
  • Why you shouldn't use shock and prong collars
  • Creating a predictable pattern
  • Slowing your dog's eating down
  • The strange reverse sneeze
  • Choosing the right leash, and more

Your Puppy at 8-9 Months

  • What those certification letters mean after a dog trainer's name
  • Some new training games
  • Helping your dog get more comfortable with nail trims
  • Automatic sit
  • When NOT to clean your dog's ears
  • How to break up a dog fight, and more

Your Puppy at 9 Months

  • Proper play techniques
  • What to know about going to the dog park
  • Managing resource guarding
  • The importance of training Drop It
  • Happy visit weigh-ins, and more

Your Puppy at 9-10 Months

  • What to expect if your dog is not spayed/neutered
  • Putting an end to destructive chewing
  • Why dogs kick up grass
  • Teaching your dog to fetch and return
  • What to train before hiking with your dog, and more

Your Puppy at 10 Months

  • When you can start running with your dog... if you want to
  • The dreaded humping
  • All about growth plates
  • Preventing arthritis, and more

Your Puppy at 10-11 Months

  • Getting your dog started with cooperative care
  • Muzzle training is for every dog
  • Tips for brushing your dog's teeth
  • Tips for give your pup a pill
  • Tips for preventing ear infections, and more

Your Puppy at 11 Months

  • Bathing tips
  • Making positive associations with grooming
  • Hot spots
  • When things get itchy
  • Choosing the right flea and tick preventatives, and more

Your Puppy at 11-12 Months

  • Burning excess energy
  • Canine separation anxiety
  • How to keep your dog occupied when you work from home
  • How much exercise your dog needs
  • Stuffed Kong recipes, and more

Your Puppy at 12 Months

  • Preventing excessive scavenging
  • How to train your dog to do anything in 4 steps
  • How many treats you can give your dog while training
  • How much and how often to feed your dog
  • When to switch to adult food
  • How often to clean your dog's toys, and more

Your Puppy at 1 Year!

  • Dealing with leash reactivity
  • Preparing to travel with your pup
  • Tips for moving with your dog
  • Clear the air: steps to take if a wildfire were to break out
  • Baking your pup a birthday cake, and more