Find a veterinarian or animal emergency clinic

Find a Veterinary Specialist or Emergency Animal Hospital

Knowing the location and contact information for your local Animal ER in advance of an emergency happening can prove life-saving. These resources are valuable not just when you're close to home but also when an emergency occurs while you're in a new location or on vacation with your pets.

Emergency Animal Hospital Locator

Find A Veterinary Specialist

In certain cases, the involvement of a board-certified specialist in a particular discipline of veterinary medicine or surgery may help you and your regular veterinarian achieve a diagnosis and effective treatment/management plan faster and more efficiently.

In these cases you should speak with your veterinarian about recommended local specialists. You can also use the Find a Veterinary Specialist search tool, or go to the website of the governing college of the particular specialty you are interested in – the links to these different colleges are listed below.

Veterinary Specialities

*If you have a resource that you love and want other pet owners to be aware of, please let us know about it and we’ll evaluate it for consideration on our resources pages. Thank you!