Find Your Lost Pet


This Lost Pet Poster Template will make it easy to create a poster with all the pertinent information to get your pet returned. It includes three template formats designed specifically for color printing on white paper, black and white printing on white paper, as well as black and white printing on brightly colored paper. (Tip: If using colored paper, print your pet's photo on white paper first and tape it to the colored paper, then make photocopies.)


  • Cover poster in plastic to protect from the elements
  • Include a high-quality, (preferably) color photo of your pet that makes them easy to identify
  • Create the poster ahead of time and update with recent images (as your pet ages and/or if they have different lengths of fur; e.g., after coming back from the groomer)
  • Plaster your neighborhood and the surrounding area
  • Don't lose hope!

We're happy to offer this resource, but hope you never have to use it.

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