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Preventive Education & Awareness Save Lives

Our books are filled with expert-written tips to help you prevent costly trips to the vet, and more importantly, keep your furry family members happy, healthy, and safe.

101 Essential Tips Cat Health & Safety 

cat health and safety tips

101 Essential Tips Cat Health & Safety gives you valuable advice that will help you be the best cat owner you can be, regardless of your level of experience with raising and caring for cats. Learn how to pet-proof your home as well as how to avoid common poisonings, traumas, and a host of other medical conditions and emergencies.

101 Essential Tips Dog Health & Safety

dog health and safety tips

101 Essential Tips Dog Health & Safety gives you valuable advice that will help you be the best dog owner you can be, regardless of your level of experience with raising and caring for dogs. Learn how to avoid digestive upset, traumas, and a variety of other common medical conditions and emergencies. A must read for all dog owners, even if you’ve had dogs your whole life!

101 Essential Tips Dog Behavior & Training

dog training and behavior tips

Finally, a book that helps answer your dog behavior and training questions! This book of tips will help guide you through your dog’s training journey. This book will help you to understand all that you and your dog will need to learn and experience to have the happiest, safest, most fulfilling life possible … together. You’ll learn different training options and the resources available to you, the stuff you’ll need, the stuff you should avoid, and the “why” of it all.

101 Essential Tips - Healthy & Safe Cats and Dogs 

Highly recommended by owners—greatly appreciated by pets!

book iconEasy-to-Read

Bite-sized tips with real-life stories and fun, colorful illustrations. Great for the whole family!

first aid kit iconLife-Saving

Just one tip could save your furry family member's life. Learn from the experiences of others.

money iconMoney-Saving

Avoid expensive and heartbreaking trips to the vet for preventable accidents and illnesses.

veterinarian iconExpert Advice

These pet care tips are packed with actionable solutions and recommendations .

thumbs up iconA Must-Read

Absolutely essential for new cat and dog owners, and longtime owners will learn new tips!

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Learn what others don’t know and bring awareness to your community. Be the smartest person at the pet store!

author dr jason nicholas

About the Author

Dr. Jason Nicholas (“Dr. J”) has written the 101 Essential Tips book series, providing pet owners with awareness and knowledge that can help them keep their pets happy, healthy and safe. He wants pet owners everywhere to have reliable information, advice, and the tools they need to enjoy the best lives together with their pets.

Dr. J graduated with honors from The Royal Veterinary College in London, England, and completed his Internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. He and his family (both two-legged and four) live in the Pacific Northwest.