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101 Essential Tips for Cats saved my cat's life

Returned home late last night from a 10-day vacation. A responsible sitter was here each night and much of each day to care for our 3-yr old male cat. When I returned I thought his meowing was expressing his displeasure at our absence (typical) but quickly recognized he was spending way too much time in the litter box crying and producing clumps that were, at best, the size off a garbanzo bean. In spite of having decades of experience with beloved pet cats (all female) and dogs, it was only from having recently purchased 101 Tips that I knew his symptoms were life-threatening. We took him to veterinary ER where it was confirmed he was nearly fully obstructed and taking him late last night most likely saved him. I cannot adequately express my gratitude. I've given the book once as a gift, it's now going to be sent to every cat owner I know! Thank you a zillion times over.

Julie D.

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Great at-home reference for the worried cat owner

Dr. Jason Nicholas has produced a great home reference guide for all the cat lovers out there that have common questions about how they should keep their sweet kitties happy! This is an extremely funny, informative, and more important- accurate reference guide that all cat owners will enjoy. Get this book!

William Ray Folger DVM, MS, ABVP(Fe)

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For Every Pet Owner's Library

I've had cats and dogs my whole life and learned stuff from this book! Discovered it the waiting room at the vet's - which is probably the best review you could get - had to have a copy for home. Great resource, enjoy the podcast too - which the book turned me on to.

Allison H.

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Excellent Guide to Cat Care

Dr J has put together a great resource with every imaginable aspect of cat care and health distilled into a succinct snippet. It should be required reading for every new (and experienced!) cat owner.

Peter Chapman

cat sitting at computer reading 101 tips book