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Preventive Vet
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101 Essential Health and Safety Tips for Cats and Kittens

Education and awareness save lives. Our book is packed with expert advice and tips to help keep your kitten or cat, happy, healthy, and safe.

Sometimes Prevention is the Only Medicine

Many of the illnesses, injuries and pet emergencies we veterinarians see and treat on a daily basis, can often easily be prevented— if only the owner had known. So we've made it our mission to educate and bring awareness to as many people as we can. Our books are filled with life-saving information, written by an expert, to prevent suffering for animals and financial stress for owners. They are fun, kid-friendly, and make great gifts for cat owners of all experience levels.

Here's What Experts Are Saying

kitten and cat health and safety tips book

"One of my goals as a veterinary behaviorist is to provide education for pet owners about common problems such as inappropriate elimination or scratching, problems that may otherwise lead to surrender or euthanasia. This book does a fantastic job of addressing these behavior patterns in a fun and entertaining way, and will go a long way toward keeping cats in their homes for many years to come!!!”

Dr. Chris Pachel — Board Certified Veterinary Behavior Specialist

"Cats are masters at being mysterious, so we all need a little help deciphering clues that might indicate a medical problem or stress. Every cat owner should read this book, and keep it as a handy user's manual for their cat. I wish I could gift this book to every one of my clients who shares their lives with cats. This includes so many topics I'd like to discuss in detail in the exam room, but don't always have time...and not everyone knows that cats shouldn't "normally" barf 3-4 times a week, so they don't mention it as a problem. This book will improve the lives of so many cats, and the people who love them!"

Dr. Tanya ten Broeke — Veterinarian

cat and kitten health and safety tips book
cat and kitten health and safety tips book

“The introduction of this book has been eagerly awaited ever since the huge success of '101 Essential Tips' for dogs! I'm so grateful that Dr. Nicholas has done the groundbreaking work for fun, effective guides to pet guardianship that should be 'must reads' for all owners, new and experienced. These books make it possible for me to provide more comprehensive and potentially life-saving preventive veterinary care for my clients and patients, as well as my own pets.”

Dr. Alison Lord — Veterinarian

“This book is the “What to Expect When You're Expecting” book for cat parents! It accumulates all the practical stuff I have gathered over 20 years of practice that I wish I could teach my clients in a short annual exam. I love that it addresses not just medical but behavioral advice to make your life with your cat the best it can be.”

Amie Balandovich — Veterinarian

cat and kitten health and safety tip book

101 Essential Tips - Kitten or Cat - Health & Safety

Highly recommended by owners—greatly appreciated by cats!


Bite-sized tips with real-life stories and fun, colorful illustrations. Great for the whole family!


Just one tip could save your furry family member's life. Learn from the experiences of others.


Avoid expensive and heartbreaking trips to the vet for preventable accidents and illnesses.

Expert Advice

These pet care tips are packed with actionable solutions and recommendations.

A Must-Read

Absolutely essential for new cat and dog owners, and longtime owners will learn new tips!


Learn what others don’t know. Be the smartest person at the pet store!

author dr jason nicholas

About the Author

Dr. Jason Nicholas (“Dr. J”) has written the 101 Essential Tips book series, providing pet owners with awareness and knowledge that can help them keep their pets happy, healthy and safe. He wants pet owners everywhere to have reliable information, advice, and the tools they need to enjoy the best lives together with their pets.

Dr. J graduated with honors from The Royal Veterinary College in London, England, and completed his Internship at the Animal  Medical Center in New York City. He and his family (both two-legged and four) are now lucky enough to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest their home.


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