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SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder

Review provided by LeeAnna and her 3 rescued cats.

The SureFeed Microchip Feeder helps you get more sleep

The SureFeed Microchip Feeder is a perfect feeding solution for houses with multiple pets — preventing them from eating each other's food and providing a sense of security that their food will still be there when they come back for it. The feeder scans for a microchip (or the included RFID collar tag) and opens when the linked pet approaches, and closes when they walk away.

The bowl can hold both wet and dry food, making it simple to feed your pets the food they should be eating. This feeder is battery powered and designed for cats and small dogs!

"I've had 3 feeders for nearly a year and they've turned feeding my cats from a source of stress to a once-a-day pleasure."

Why did I buy this product?

I purchased this product hoping to solve a few problems. I have three cats, two of whom are on pricey prescription food that wasn't necessary for the third. Those same two cats are also former strays who, even after years as house cats with regular access to food, were still very much food-obsessed. They would gulp down any food put in front of them and were genuinely stressed if they didn't have regular access to food throughout the day.

Going more than a few hours without food in their bowl caused excessive vocalizing that could go on for an hour or more. Food couldn't be left out for them because they'd easily eat an entire day's portion, or push into each other's bowls within minutes. Feeding their daily food serving in small meals four or five times a day, including overnight, was the only thing that seemed to calm their fears of not having access to food. 

I needed an option that would keep them from eating each other's food and, hopefully over time, eliminate their anxiety around running out of food.


Overall rating: Rating 4-9 green

Overall, I give the SureFeed 4.9 out of 5 stars because it is such a wonderful product. I've had three feeders for nearly a year and they've turned feeding my cats from a source of stress to a once-a-day pleasure. They work exactly as described. My tentative cats adjusted almost immediately to using the feeders. I've had no issues.

Quality: Rating - 5 stars

Cat using lower feeder

The SureFeed is sturdy, easy to clean and has always worked perfectly. Batteries last a very long time, and a handy red light flashes as they start to wear down, giving you plenty of advance notice to swap them out before they die completely. I was concerned my cats might be able to force open the lid. But it closes securely.

They’ve never gotten into each other’s food. During feeding, the lid folds up and in half, but can be unlocked and fully opened for easy cleaning with a damp cloth. The bowls (it comes with two) are also removable for easy hand washing. The lip around the top helps ensure a tight seal when the SureFeed flap is closed, keeping out flies and other pests. 

Value for money: Rating - 5 stars

Yes, the SureFeed Microchip Feeder is expensive. But if feeding time is a source of stress or if you have more than one animal and need to manage their individual food intake, it's absolutely worth the investment. It can also save you money if, like me, you have some pets on costly food that the others don't need. Being able to feed each cat their specific diet without worrying about them trying to eat each other's food is a great benefit. It can also be a money-saver if you have dogs who get into the cat’s food or vice versa.

The SureFeed comes with these accessories in the box: 

  • Two bowls — One large bowl, and one split (for wet and dry food or food and water)
  • Mat
  • RFID collar tag — Great for pets that aren't microchipped yet or those whose microchip is located a little too far back to easily trigger the door! This upped the value for money factor, since I didn't need to purchase these accessories in addition to the feeder.

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Safety: Rating - 5 stars

There are no safety issues with this product. The only moving part is the lid, which isn't powerful enough to cause injury if it were to malfunction. No small parts that can be ingested. The battery compartments are securely located on the bottom of the feeder.

Sustainability: Rating 4.5 stars

The SureFeed is fairly sustainable, as it uses your pet's existing microchip to function. And with the way it's made, it will last a long time. My feeders have been in constant use for a year, with no damage or signs of wear and tear. And the bowls have been washed many times with no deterioration. I have every reason to believe this product will last a very long time and produces no waste (beyond the original packaging), which I love. 

Easy to use: Rating - 5 stars

While the SureFeed comes with a large instruction manual, it's actually extremely simple to use. Set up is a breeze, as is cleaning and refilling. Programming the feeder was very simple – I pressed a button on the back of the feeder when my cat was close to pair their microchip to the feeder. 

I have very cautious cats who learned how to use the feeder in a matter of days. They quickly understood which feeder was theirs and learned not to even bother with the others because they wouldn’t be able to get into them.

"Set up is a breeze, as is cleaning and refilling."


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What I love about this product:

I believe SureFeed is the reason my cats are no longer food obsessed, devouring everything in their bowl within minutes and freaking out if they went more than a few hours without access to food. No amount of training or regular feeding schedules helped. Day and night, they were focused on their next meal. However, within a week or two using SureFeed, we were down to filling their bowls once a day, with the amount of daily food directed by our vet.


They finally felt secure their food would still be there when they came back, because they knew no one else could get to it. As former strays, they had to eat when and where they found food and couldn’t count on coming back for more later. That must have stuck with them. It wasn’t until I was able to eliminate that fear that they were able to stop worrying about eating. An automatic feeder has been a serious life-changer for us. 

What I don't like about the product:

Cat using raised feederMy only small complaint, which may not be relevant for all animals, is that the feeder sits low on the floor. The design includes a platform/tray in front of the food bowl. I have my SureFeeders sitting on a small wooden box so my cats can eat in a more upright position. The feeder has non-slip strips on the bottom to keep it from sliding, but the platform makes it difficult for my smaller cat to reach over the platform/tray to get to the food. She has to keep her back legs on the ground and front feet on the platform. Even so, I wouldn't trade my SureFeed for anything!

Would I purchase this again?

I would definitely purchase the SureFeed Microchip Feeder again and recommend it to anyone who has to manage multiple pets or special diets. It’s a great example of technology evolving to make life a little simpler. This feeder gave my cats the food security they were lacking and me a full night’s sleep for the first time since I adopted by furry foodies. 

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