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When can pup attend puppy classes?

Yay!! What’s better than a room full of puppies? Not much, but one sick or “out-of-control” pup can ruin it for everybody. Organized puppy socialization classes and playgroup sessions can be a huge benefit for your pup’s social development — but they have to be done right. The facility where the class is held should be clean, calm, and organized. The trainer running the class should be experienced, and very attentive and observant.

All pups participating should be age-/ size-matched, should have had their first exam, deworming, and vaccinations administered by a veterinarian, and be free of any signs of disease. If all of these conditions are met, then your pup should be ready to start participating in these types of classes when they’re around 9 weeks old.

how to find the best puppy class

Choosing the Right Puppy Class

There are various types of puppy training classes. Which one is right for your puppy? Read these tips for choosing the right class and dog trainer for you.

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