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Pet Allergies: How to Help Dogs and Cats Suffering from Resting Itch Face

Posted by Mia Horberg on Apr 9, 2018 9:31:33 AM

Pictured here is my dog, Marshall. He loves rolling in the grass as much as I love wearing sweatpants and drinking wine. He is, of course, allergic to grass, which has put a damper on a lot of our outdoor fun time. So, for our very
 first Paws & Play podcast episode, Dr. J and I do a deep dive into how to help dogs and cats with environmental and food-related allergies. We discuss symptoms to look out for, preventive measures you can take, some different treatment options, and a lot of ways to help keep your pets comfortable as they're dealing with the pain and inflammation (and you're dealing with hearing the nonstop licking).

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Topics: Flea Allergies, Scratching, Dog Tips, Cat Tips, Itchiness, Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Food Allergies

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Twice a month, host Mia and regular co-host, Cathy, bring you entertaining health, safety, lifestyle, and training information for your cats and dogs.

Mia is an animal lover, who is lucky enough to be owned by her kitty, Mazel, and senior pug, Mabel. In her off-time she and her wife volunteer at a goat rescue, watch Golden Girls & Psych marathons, and celebrate Halloween and Christmas all year round.

Cathy is a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant who believes that dog training is a lifestyle and should never feel like a chore. When she's not talking dogs, she's probably reading about them while enjoying a nice glass of pinot noir.

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