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At Preventive Vet we believe that an educated client is an "A" client. We also believe that where a client gets their education matters. So, we're here to help you be the source. And we're here to help you do it as cost effectively as possible. Receive 60% off MSRP (just $4.78/book). Sell the books, give them to new clients for free, or both — the choice is yours.

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JAVMA Reviews 101 Essential Tips


JAVMA Book Review of 101 Essential Tips

JAVMA • Vol 253 • No. 6 • September 15, 2018
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“As a veterinarian who works in a busy emergency practice, I simply do not have time to extensively discuss with clients the topics presented in this book. One solution to that problem is to send a resource like this book home with owners. I appreciate that the author encourages owners to seek veterinary care when troubled. The bottom line is that, in my opinion, for < $10, all veterinary practices should consider stocking this book for gifting to clients. Not only is it captivating and proactive, the information it contains can prompt important discussions with clients.”

"Even after decades in practice, I was enlightened by many of the facts presented in both of these books. The books are modestly priced, and the information presented is germane to every dog and cat owner regardless of experience.”

At first glance, one might assume the book is for children, but it is actually intended for all cat owners, new or old. I find I have memorized some of the sound-bite talking points presented in the book and frequently use them in my discussions with clients. Although this book is not intended to be a dissertation on any 1 subject, it is a jumping-off point for further research or discussion with a veterinarian.

"I have to confess, I really did pick up some new talking points for my clients (I did some fact checking and found the advice in this book to be accurate and relevant)."

Reviewed by Cheryl Scott, RN, NP, DVM, MPVM University of California-Davis 

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“My whole team was excited when we got our shipment of "101 Essential Tips!"  We're including them as a special gift for clients who purchase our Puppy Wellness Packages, and have gotten great feedback from clients. The book is very easy to read, and is full of great information. It includes everything I wish I could tell a new pet owner during their first appointment, if only I had the time to spend the whole day with them!”

Tanya ten Broeke, DVM

“101 Essential Tips” has been such a helpful addition to our puppy packs. This informative book packs so much knowledge into an easy to read format. New puppy parents are ripe for information and yet can’t always process all they are hearing, so giving them a book that they can browse at home allows them to take in the information at their own rate. I love having a resource written by an experienced emergency vet that says everything I want to say, and the little stories sprinkled throughout really bring the lessons home."

Kristin Sulis, DVM

This book is the “What to expect while expecting” book for cat parents! It accumulates all the practical stuff I have gathered over 20 years of practice that I wish I could teach my clients in a short annual exam. I love that it addresses not just medical but behavioral advice to make your life with your cat the best it can be.

Amie Balandovich, DVM

"One of my goals as a veterinary behaviorist is to provide education for pet owners about common problems such as inappropriate elimination or scratching, problems that may otherwise lead to surrender or euthanasia.  This book does a fantastic job of addressing these behavior patterns in a fun and entertaining way, and will go a long way toward keeping cats in their homes for many years to come!!!”

Chris Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC

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MWI Distinct Advantage™ Program members receive

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Q: Can we have our logo on the book?
A: Yes, we intentionally left a space on the bottom left of the front cover of each book to affix a 2-inch sticker.
To purchase stickers, we have successfully used click here.

Q: Can we get a custom book printed?
A: Yes, for volumes over 10,000 books we can customize the book just for your practice or group of practices.

Q: What if I want to order more than 60 books?
A: You can either order more boxes, or you can contact Jeff Poisson for unique quantities at jeff@preventivevet.com. All orders must be greater than 60 of each book to receive the Distinct Advantage Program discount of 60% off.

Q: Can I sell the books?
A: Absolutely! The MSRP for each book is $11.95. We recommend that all practices sell the books (even if you are giving them to new clients). When your new client sees that the book is available for sale and they got it for free, they feel extra special! And several new pet owners who had been given the book, have purchased the book for pet-owning friends and family.

Q: When is the best time to give the book to my new client?
A: We recommend that you gift the book at the first or second visit. Also, we suggest that you turn it into an “event” and present them with the book while sharing either a personal or a hospital story about one of the tips and how it impacted you. By doing so you'll get even more benefit than just simply putting the book in a bag and giving it to them. Clients start reading the book immediately while waiting for the veterinarian to come in, so it fills that time after they've been roomed. Get creative and have fun. There are many ways to utilize the books and delight your clients.


Q: Won’t prevention hurt my business? If my clients have less need for veterinary services won’t that have a negative impact on my revenue?
A: Well first, do you really want to be treating emergency situations that you know could have easily been avoided had the owner “only known”? None of us want that. It’s heartbreaking. It’s unnecessary.

And second, if it's an emergency situation, and you don’t provide 7–24 emergency services, then your client is not coming to you anyway. Meaning, they’re going to be spending a lot of money elsewhere — money that they didn’t plan on spending. So now this actually hurts your business, because now, with this unexpected expenditure, your client has less of their household budget available for wellness visits, dental cleanings, etc. So, not only does education NOT hurt your business, if you don’t educate it will continue to HURT your business.

And by helping your clients avoid emergency rooms you’re also helping their pet live longer, and that means you’ll have them as a client for a longer period of time.

Q: Is there a charge for shipping?
A: We are pleased to provide free standard shipping for MWI Distinct Advantage members.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Shipping typically takes 4-8 business days. To keep costs low, we ship using USPS Media Mail.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Please feel free to contact Jeff Poisson, jeff@preventivevet.com for any other questions that you may have.

Lunch & Learn
Why Educating Your Clients Differently Is Critical to Your Business

  • How to attain the title "Chief Educator" with your clients
  • You know about UO and GDV but how many pet owners do? We will share our data with you.
  • How you can easily enhance trust-based relationships with clients, and why you need to.



Sample Dog Book Pages—Look Inside

  • Parasite prevention

Sample Cat Book Pages—Look Inside

  • Read the clumps and the scoop on poop
  • who pooped in my shoe
  • scratch this, not that
  • the importance of vaccines
  • straining is deadly serious
  • video tape strange behaviors

How Veterinarians Are Using the Books

Puppy/Kitten Packs

Give your new puppy/kitten owners the wealth of information and awareness they need... and won't throw out!

Wellness Plans

Reward your clients for investing in their pet’s wellness… and your practice.

New Clients

Welcome and bond your new clients with a gift they'll appreciate... and talk about.

Prize Giveaways

Offer a unique and enticing prize for social media marketing campaigns, open houses, community events, and more.

Thank You Gifts

Show your appreciation to your VIP clients, those who refer friends and family, and other special clients.


Turn a profit. Sell the book to your clients and other local pet owners.

author dr jason nicholas

About the Author

Jason Nicholas is a veterinarian based in Portland, Oregon. He's a 2004 honors graduate of The Royal Veterinary College in London, England and a 2007 graduate of the internship program at The Animal Medical Center in New York City. After seeing how difficult and time-consuming it can be to deliver all of the awareness and advice clients truly need (and deserve) to best take care of their pets, and knowing how critical this information is both to patient care and practice growth, he knew that the profession needed a better — and easier — way to deliver client education. He also knew it needed to be both reliable and non-competitive. He wrote the 101 Essential Tips books to help veterinary professionals and their clients.


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